The Complete Guide to Buying Wooden Furniture: Tips to Buy Wood Furniture

When you first decide to treat yourself to brand-new wood furniture, you’re eager to find the perfect pieces. But, as you set out to actually start buying wooden furniture, the excitement can quickly morph into a feeling of stress and uncertainty.

The fact of the matter is, buying wood furniture is no small investment. It involves more than just choosing a piece that catches your eye - it demands careful consideration to avoid the frustrating aftermath of poor choices. This can range from wasted money to a mismatched piece, or worse, subpar quality that falls apart far sooner than you'd ever expect.

With the myriad types of wood, varying degrees of quality, and an overwhelming range of styles, the buying process might feel a tad overwhelming. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to simplify this entire process for you.

In this complete guide on buying solid wood furniture, we’ll offer the wood furniture buying tips you need to feel confident and capable setting out on this exciting shopping journey. We’ll cover the advantages of buying wooden furniture along with what to watch out for when buying wood furniture. Let’s dive right into the benefits of buying solid wood furniture.

Advantages of Buying Wooden Furniture

As you embark on your journey to select the perfect furniture for your space, you might find yourself asking, “Why choose wooden furniture?”. After all, there are a lot more layers to unravel along your search for the finest wood furniture - and it’s certainly more expensive than other materials.

Believe us, though - it’s well worth the time and effort. Wood, as a natural and timeless material, offers many advantages that far surpass alternatives.

Durability and Longevity

A fundamental attribute of wooden furniture is its durability. These pieces are robust, resilient, and built to last. 

Imagine your family gathering around a wooden dining table year after year, creating beautiful memories without the fear of wear and tear. Or a sturdy wooden desk where you can create, work, and grow your dreams. 

Wooden furniture offers a promise of longevity that stands the test of time. It's not just a purchase, it's an investment for generations. When you buy other types of furniture, you often find yourself back on the search within a few years. Wouldn't it be nice to make this purchase once and never think about it again?

Aesthetics and Timeless Appeal

The aesthetic appeal of wooden furniture is in its timeless charm. It radiates warmth, elegance, and a sense of connection to nature. Each piece tells a story of the tree it came from, making it a unique addition to your space. 

Whether it’s a rustic oak coffee table enhancing your living room's ambiance or a sleek modern recessed gaming table adding sophistication to your bedroom, wooden furniture always lends an air of timeless elegance to your surroundings. 

Variety of Wood Types and Finishes

One of the beauties of choosing wooden furniture is the range of options at your disposal. From hardwoods like oak and mahogany known for their strength and durability to softwoods like pine that offer a more relaxed, homely vibe, the choice is yours. 

And let's not forget the array of finishes! A glossy varnish can bring out the rich tones of the wood, while a matte finish might align more with a contemporary setting. The variety allows you to find the perfect piece that not only fits your practical needs but also mirrors your personal style and taste. 

Value for Money

Lastly, with wooden furniture, you truly get value for your money. Sure, you pay more upfront than with other materials. But given its durability, a piece of wooden furniture often means a one-time investment that pays dividends over time. 

Even as years pass, good quality wooden furniture retains its value, especially when well-maintained. It could even become a valuable antique, a treasure to pass down the generations.

So while it might seem like a substantial purchase upfront, remember that you are buying a piece of timeless beauty that will serve you well for years to come. This, coupled with all the other benefits of buying solid wood furniture we’ve described, should leave you with no more doubt. It’s time to talk about what to watch out for when buying wood furniture.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying Wood Furniture to Avoid Frustration & Disappointment? 

You’re all in on the advantages of buying wooden furniture. The question now, is - what do I need to know before buying wood furniture? Below, we’ll offer a few tips on buying wooden furniture to help you avoid disappointment along this journey.

How Can You Tell if Wood Furniture is Good Quality?

One of the first things to examine is the quality of the wood itself. High-quality furniture will feel sturdy and solid when you touch it. It will be heavier due to the density of the wood. 

Specifically, we encourage you to check the joints and connections. Superior craftsmanship often reveals itself in details like dovetail or mortise-and-tenon joints, signs of a high-quality piece. Cheaply made furniture might use nails or glue, which could lead to wobbling over time.

Similarly, opt for handmade furniture - as mass-produced pieces simply cannot match this attention to detail and quality. 

Of course, some of these are hard to tell when shopping online - as you likely will be doing for at least part of this journey. So, how can you tell if wood furniture is good quality online? Your best bet is to look into a brand’s manufacturing process. 

Or, check out the feedback people that previously were in your shoes have to offer on a specific piece of furniture. For example, if you’re on the hunt for a solid-wood game table for the basement, look up board game table reviews. This will help you get a better sense of what you can expect with a purchase. 

Understanding Different Types of Wood: Hardwood vs Softwood

It's also essential to understand the difference between hardwood and softwood. 

Hardwood comes from deciduous trees like oak, mahogany, and walnut. These woods are denser, heavier, and more resistant to dings and scratches, making them ideal for pieces like dining/gaming tables or desks which see a lot of use.

Softwood comes from coniferous trees such as pine and cedar. These woods are lighter and less expensive but may be prone to damage more easily. They're often used for pieces like wardrobes or side tables that don't undergo the same level of wear and tear.

With that said, softwood has its place in the world of wooden furniture too - it’s just a matter of finding the right place for it.

Is it Better to Buy Solid Wood Furniture or Veneered?

Another thing to watch out for when buying wood furniture is whether you’re going to buy solid wood or veneered wood. 

Solid wood furniture is made entirely from one type of wood. It's sturdy, long-lasting, and can be sanded and refinished multiple times, making it a great long-term investment. On the downside, solid wood is more susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity.

Veneer, on the other hand, is a thin layer of hardwood applied to a base of less expensive material. Veneered furniture can give you the look of hardwood without the higher cost. It's also less likely to warp or crack over time. However, it may not withstand heavy use as well as solid wood.

So, ask yourself this: are you looking to make a purchase that will last a lifetime? Or, are you just looking to kick the can a bit further down the road, saving some money now knowing you’ll have to replace the furniture sooner rather than later?

Understanding your goals for the purchase along with your budget will help you determine whether you can justify buying solid wood furniture or will have to settle for veneered wood.

What is the Finish and Why Does It Matter?

The finish on your furniture doesn't just impact the aesthetics - it also protects the wood. It can range from painted finishes that offer a variety of colors to clear stains that let the natural grain of the wood shine through. 

High-quality finishes will be smooth, free from bubbles or brush strokes, and evenly applied. They also help resist moisture and offer a level of protection to the wood beneath. This just goes back to helping you get the most out of your table, ensuring it stands the test of time.

The Importance of Good Craftsmanship in Wooden Furniture

Finally, good craftsmanship is vital in wooden furniture. We briefly touched on this earlier, but this is something that can be seen in the details. You’ll notice it in how well drawers slide, the alignment of doors, or the functionality of multipurpose furniture for small-space living

Fine furniture should feel solid and stable, not shaky or crooked. Look at the piece from different angles to make sure it sits level and even. And as we mentioned already, invest in handmade furniture - you won’t regret it.

Ultimately, buying solid wood furniture should never feel like a gamble. With the right information at your fingertips, you can feel confident in making an investment that will bring beauty, functionality, and joy to your home for many years to come. Below, we’ll offer some more tips on buying wooden furniture as it pertains to actually finding the right piece for your space.

More Tips on Buying Wooden Furniture

Now that you've gotten the basics on what to watch out for when buying wood furniture, let's move on to some additional tips that could make or break your furniture-buying experience. We’ll talk about sizing, design coordination, and more.

Measure Your Space Twice Before Ordering

A common mistake people make when buying furniture is failing to accurately measure their space. This can be a nightmare scenario to deal with - and it can all be avoided with a bit more care.

This isn't just about whether the piece will fit through the door (although that's important too). You need to think about how the furniture will look and function in your space. Does it block traffic flow? Will it be too big and overpowering, or too small and insignificant?

This is something you can’t afford to overlook whether you’re looking to create a living room dining room combo and you’re tight on space, or you’re looking to implement small game room ideas.

To avoid these issues, measure your space thoroughly and take note of all dimensions. Don't forget to consider height, especially for things like bookcases or armoires. And remember the old adage: measure twice, order once. You’ll thank yourself later when you don’t deal with the headache and hassle of improper sizing.

Matching the Design of Your Space With the Furniture

A more subtle detail to keep in mind when buying solid wood furniture is matching your new purchase(s) with the design in your home or the specific space in question. Wood can be warm and rustic, sleek and modern, or anywhere in between. The design, finish, and color should all complement your home's aesthetic.

Start by assessing the current style of your space. Is it more traditional or modern? Rustic or sophisticated? Then, choose pieces of furniture that will seamlessly blend with your existing aesthetic. Remember, the goal is to create a harmonious look and feel that makes your home both beautiful and comfortable

Look for Key Features to Elevate Your Home or Office

When shopping for wooden furniture, consider features that can elevate your home or office. You deserve innovative furniture that enhances your life in ways you never thought possible!

For instance, if you're buying a desk, look for one with ample storage space. If it's a bed frame, maybe a built-in bookcase or storage drawers would be useful. When trying to choose among the types of game tables, opt for one that can convert from dining to gaming or has individual player stations. 

The point we’re trying to make is that these details matter. Soft-close drawers, adjustable shelves, or built-in charging ports can all make a piece of furniture more functional and enjoyable to use. 

Buying Wooden Furniture Online Can Be a Fun, Stress-Free Experience at Bandpass Design!

Now, the wood furniture buying tips we’ve offered today apply to all types of furniture - from desks to shelves, tables to dressers, and everything in between. 

With that said, allow us to have your attention in the event you’re looking for a gaming or dining table or need some shelves. You can save yourself a ton of stress when you buy solid wood furniture with us.

What Makes Our Wood Furniture So Special?

Our wooden furniture pieces are not the run-of-the-mill items you'd find at a standard furniture store. At Bandpass Design, we pride ourselves on providing furniture that is as unique as our customers.

Each piece of our furniture is made with meticulous attention to detail, from the selection of the wood to the final finishing touches. We source our woods sustainably, ensuring not just the beauty of each piece but also its longevity and function. 

The result? Each furniture piece is a work of art, brought to life through skilled craftsmanship, superior materials, and timeless design. But, it’s about so much more than furniture. We seek to provide you with pieces that become part of your everyday activity and accent your hobbies and interests.

The Different Pieces of Wood Furniture You Can Buy at Bandpass Design

We offer two masterpieces for anyone looking for stunning, practical wood furniture for the living room, game room, dining room, you name it. 

Our board gaming table is the best of both worlds in gaming and dining, allowing you to convert between the two seamlessly. This will transform the way you go about hosting a poker night or hosting a board game night. It’s built with individual player stations that feature drink holders, card slots, chip holders, and more. Plus, the recessed playing surface can be raised and lowered as you see fit.

And, the table is customizable to accommodate your specific needs. Start by choosing your size. Then, you can select from a myriad of design styles - ranging from mid-century modern to Danish modern, shaker, craftsman, and more. From there, you’re able to find the perfect gaming table wood species. We craft our tables from walnut, cherry, white oak, or maple. The final step is choosing the fabric of your interior.

We also offer a board game display shelf - in our slightly-biased opinion, the best board game shelf. The truth is, though, we’re not alone in that sentiment. It combines function with form and is handcrafted from 100% bamboo hardwood. You can display your collectibles, plants, grail games, and other ephemera while adding visual interest and shape to your room.

Wrapping Up Our Complete Guide on Wood Furniture Buying Tips

Hopefully, this guide on wood furniture buying tips has eliminated any of the stress or uncertainty you had about buying solid wood furniture. While this can definitely be a daunting task, remember - it’s supposed to be fun! 

And now that we’ve discussed the advantages of buying wooden furniture, what to watch out for when buying wood furniture, and offered a few specific types of solid wood furniture you have got to see, it’s time to bring our conversation to a close. 

Whether you’re playing the best board games of all time or want to perfect your DnD setup, you can enhance the experience with the best board game table - and grab our shelving system to compliment the purchase!