How to Choose the Best Board Game Shelves: Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best board game shelves? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to introduce you to the top display shelves for your home.

There is no better way to store your board games than a specialized display shelving system. These make it easy for you and the crew to choose a board game when it comes time to host a game night. They keep your games neat and tidy, and can even be used to showcase art, plants, candles - you name it.

However, if you’re going to make room in your house and spend the money on a shelving system, you might as well get the best of the best, right? 

Down below on this page, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Before we get into the best board game storage shelves, we want to explain why this is not a decision you should take lightly.

Why You Need the Best Board Game Storage Shelves

How are you storing your board games right now?

Maybe you have them in a closet down the hall or stashed under your bed. Perhaps they’re piled up in the corner of the room hidden behind a plant or something. Whatever the case, there is really no better storage system for the job than a well-designed display shelf. This is one of the most innovative pieces of furniture you can have in your home!

board game storage how deep are shelves

With that said, these are only worth it when you get the right one. Many of the storage shelves you’ll find online aren’t going to cut it. There are a few reasons for that. First and foremost, the shelves could be too narrow - and certain board game boxes you own would extend off the shelf, looking unkempt and disordered. For example, Tokaido is a square box with dimensions of 12”x12” - but many board game shelves are only 8”-10” deep!

But beyond just the obvious reason of making sure your board games actually fit well on the shelves, there is another benefit to investing in the best display gaming shelf possible. That is the convenience that comes with it. These help you perfectly organize your games so that you can always find exactly what you’re looking for at a moment’s notice. 

But, the BEST board game storage shelf offers convenience in a way you may not have even considered: it comes pre-assembled. No need to waste your time and energy with a frustrating Ikea manual!

Of course, the best board game shelving system will also add a layer of aesthetics to your home. It can breathe fresh life into an otherwise bland and mundane space. When you do it right, your shelf ends up being a conversation starter anytime guests stop by.

So - with all that said, here’s how to choose the best board game storage shelves for your unique needs.

How to Choose the Best Board Game Shelves for Your Unique Needs

best board game storage shelves

Ready to upgrade your board game storage solution with the best board game storage shelves? We’ll give you our recommendation in just a few moments. First, we want to guide you through the key considerations you need to make when shopping for your storage shelves.

For Board Game Storage, How Deep are Shelves Supposed to Be?

As we mentioned earlier, the best board game storage shelves should be able to accommodate your biggest games without extending over the sides. The last thing you want is games toppling off the shelves. So, for board game storage, how deep are shelves supposed to be?

This will vary from person to person - our suggestion is to measure your biggest board game box and shop accordingly. That said, we recommend going with shelves that are at least 11”-12” deep. That will accommodate the vast majority of board game boxes - even some of those cooperative board games for adults that are 1’ wide!

Consider How Many Different Board Games You Have as Well

Beyond just the depth of the shelves, though, you should look at the total amount of storage space the system offers. This will require you to consider how many different board games you have to store. Things to look at include:

  • How long are the shelves? 
  • How tall is each cubby? 
  • Are the cubbies all uniform in size & shape?

You can look at a board game shelving system and get an understanding of how well it will accommodate your unique board game collection. 

If you only have a few of the top-selling board games right now, it can be tempting to go with a smaller shelving system to save some money. But you need to think about this storage shelf as a lifetime solution. How many board games do you think you’ll accumulate over the course of your life? Chances are, a lot! So, make sure you’re buying a storage shelf that will still be practical 5-10 years from now.

Factor in Your Interior Design & Style Preferences

Of course, beyond just looking at the size and storage capabilities of a given shelf, you need to factor in your unique interior design and style preferences. 

Will it fit in your home and integrate into the rest of your furniture? Or, will it look out of place? With that said, don’t worry too much about color - as you can always paint the shelf if necessary. What you should be looking for is the actual design of the shelf. You wouldn’t want to introduce a super modern or contemporary shelf into a farmhouse-style home - unless, of course, you want to modernize the space!

Choose Strong, Durable, Natural Materials

It should go without saying that if you’re looking for the best board game shelves, you should evaluate the materials used. You need something that will stand the test of time and last you years to come. 

And beyond the materials, you should take note of the overall construction of the shelving system. How well has it been put together? Anything that allows for at-home assembly is cheap - and won’t offer the stability you need. 

Getting a sense of quality can be tough online. That’s why it’s so important to take a deep dive into the reviews of any product you’re considering. When in doubt, at least be sure that the company you’re purchasing from has some sort of return policy. This will allow you to checkout with peace of mind in case the shelf arrives and isn’t up to your standards.

So…What are the Best Board Game Shelves Online?

best board game display shelf

With all that said, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for - we’re going to introduce you to the best board game shelves online in 2022: the Eolian by Bandpass Design.

This board game display shelf is a mid-century modern work of art. The introduction of this shelf into any space will create visual interest and shape. It’s been carefully crafted from bamboo hardwood and will maintain its stunning appearance for years to come. And, it’s been pieced together with dado joinery for extra-sturdy construction. 

With deep shelves of 11.5”, you can rest assured this system will support even your biggest board games. And the varying shaped/sized cubbies allow you to get creative with how you store and organize your games. 

Speaking of which - no assembly is required. When the shelf arrives at your doorstep you can get right to organizing your favorite board games without the hassle of other shelving systems. And if you’d like, adding plants, collectibles, and photos to the shelf adds a layer of personalization to make it feel homier. 

From storing your tabletop RPGs to organizing everything you need for a dungeons and dragons setup, this shelf can do it all. Just wait till you see what it can do to elevate your space!

Final Thoughts on How to Pick the Best Board Game Display Shelf

That concludes our breakdown on how to pick the best board game display shelf. We hope you feel more confident in setting out to go pick yours now. But for the absolute best board game shelves, there’s only one place you need to look: Bandpass Design.

Whether you’re looking to add this shelf to your small dining room living room combo or you’re going to put it in the game room, it’s a welcome addition to any space. As a matter of fact, you can’t go wrong with any of the multi-functional furniture for small spaces that we’ve got in store at Bandpass Design - including our innovative board game table!

At this point, the only thing left to do is head over to our site to get yours ordered - we can’t wait to see how you organize your shelves and show off your favorite games!