What Is The Best Type Of Wood For A Custom Gaming Table?

Trying to figure out the best type of wood for your custom gaming table? Your search ends today - in this article, we’ll explain which wood species is best for you and your custom game table. 

Cherry, walnut, white oak, and even maple, you have a variety of species to choose from. And we’re going to help you make the right pick. You’ll learn the advantages certain wood species have over others and the intricate differences in appearance and style that should influence your decision. We’ll also explain matching up your wood with the felt of your gaming table, the rest of your home, and more. We’re not going to waste any more time - let’s get into the matter at hand!

Does It Really Matter Which Type Of Wood You Use For Your Gaming Table?

First things first - does it really matter which type of wood you use for your gaming table? Yes and no. You are going to get an incredible gaming table at Bandpass Design regardless of the specific wood species you end up choosing. There is no doubt about it. 

But, the specific wood species you choose should meet a few criteria. First and foremost, it should match the rest of your home’s aesthetic. After all, many of those reading this guide will use the table not just for gaming - but for dining, working, and simply lounging around with friends and family. All this use, you obviously want the table to look its very best in the room you situate it in. Part of that is choosing the right wood.

For the most part, this will come down to personal preference. One of the wood species we offer may call out to you in particular. It’s important to factor in other types of wood in your space - you want everything to look cohesive. So, without any further ado, let’s break down the different types of wood available for your custom gaming table.

What Are The Different Types Of Wood For Custom Gaming Tables?

As of right now, there are four stunning wood species you can choose from when building your custom game table at Bandpass Design. Read through to the next section as we help you make the right pick for your home. First, we’ll break down what makes each of these species so special.


The dark, deep colors of walnut are one of our absolute favorites in a gaming table. The grain is incredibly unique and sure to make this table a statement piece in your home. It’s popular among designers and woodworkers because it’s incredibly strong - able to withstand impact without denting or marring compared to other wood species. 


Cherry is substantially lighter than other wood species, offering a warm, rich, red & brown color that you’re sure to love. Similar to walnut, though, the grain on cherry is super unique. At its heart, cherry wood is resistant to rot and decay and offers great strength as well. And, it’s very flexible - something designers and woodworkers love.

White Oak

Many prefer white oak for its ability to accept a stain with ease - meaning you can alter the appearance of your gaming table after the fact if you’d like. But trust us - white oak looks stunning as it is! It offers a light to medium brown tone and a very coarse grain that looks great in any home.


Last, but certainly not least, we have maple wood. This gorgeous wood is extremely hard and durable, sure to stand the test of time. With a gentle off-white cream color and butter-smooth finish, we highly recommend this wood to those who are looking to brighten up their space.

Keep in mind that across all four of these wood species, you can expect some subtle variations in color and grain. That’s because we’re using real, natural wood in crafting these tables - this is simply part of the patina of hardwoods. Embrace it! 

So, Which Is The Best Type Of Wood For Gaming Table Customization?

Now that you have a better idea of the different species you can choose from, which is the best type of wood for gaming table customization?

best wood for gaming table

As we said in the outlook of this article, it will mostly come down to personal preference. However, many people come here wondering - will one of these wood species outlast the other? And what about the specific style and felt you choose, will those influence your ideal wood species? Let’s take a look - starting with choosing a wood species that matches the rest of your home.

Which Type Will Match The Rest Of Your Home?

Consider your unique space - do you have wood furniture already? If so, you’ll want to choose a close complement to keep a cohesive space. Or, consider whether you want to lighten or darken a room - and choose accordingly.

Remember - this is a table you’re going to use for virtually everything. You’re not just purchasing a gaming table. You’re getting a dining table, workstation, coffee table, and gaming table all in one. You’re going to use it a lot, and you will no doubt share it with all your guests. So, you want a table you can be proud of - which means you don’t want to take this decision lightly. When in doubt, join our discord and we’ll help you make the right pick - we’re passionate about producing functional home furniture that you love. Don’t be shy!

Will One Wood Species Last Longer Than The Others?

Let’s face it - these gaming tables aren’t cheap. But, you get what you pay for - these are among the most durable, well-crafted game tables you’ll ever have access to. Regardless of which wood species you go with, you will enjoy a long, fruitful life of use. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth. With that said, will one wood species last longer than the others?

It’s important to note that most people will have these tables in their dining room or family room - so exposure to the outdoor elements is not a concern. Rot and decay needn’t be a concern. However, it is generally agreed upon that maple is the strongest of the bunch - resistant to dropping things on the table by accident or bumping into it.

Other Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Custom Game Table Wood

Finally, consider the type of style you’re going with. As you know if you’ve played around with our Dresden customizer, the wood species is just one of the many choices you’ll have to make while bringing your custom game table to life. You can also choose a design style - from mid-century modern to Danish modern, shaker, basic, and many other styles. Play around with different wood species on different designs and see what you feel looks best.

Finally, consider the felt you’re going to choose as well. In our opinion, a darker felt will look better with a lighter wood - and vice versa. However, you may want to pair dark felt and dark wood - or light felt and light wood.

At the end of the day, this is your custom game table. That means only you can decide which is the best type of wood for gaming table customization. And as we mentioned in the previous section, we’re a few clicks away ready to help you if you’re not sure! Or, take a look at our board game table buying guide to learn more about the process.

Final Thoughts On The Best Wood For Gaming Table Customization

That concludes our breakdown of the best wood for gaming table customization. You can choose from four stunning species when you build your table at Bandpass Design - walnut, cherry, white oak, or maple. It will mostly be personal preference - so take into account the rest of your space so that you can design a table that meshes well. And no matter which species you ultimately decide upon, you can rest assured you’re getting the quality of wood you deserve. Our dining game table features the most durable, long-lasting components on the market - so you get your money’s worth out of this investment. Treat yourself to the multi-functional, stylish home furniture you deserve today, and start hosting game night in style!