Frequently Asked Questions

Our Company

Where does the name Bandpass Design come from?

It comes from the idea that a bandpass filter is engineered to remove noise from signal, leaving only what matters most in an optimal result. The concept is a summary of our design philosophy—Bandpass Design.

When was Bandpass Design established?

We've been operating since 2017. When our prior employer shut it's doors we took the opportunity to build a woodshop of our own.

Where are Bandpass Design products made?

Our woodshop is based outside of Seattle, WA where we design, shape, and assemble our products. We work with a small group of partners that meet our quality standards.

Where can I see your designs in person?

Bandpass Design sells solely through our website. Our owners community often share pictures of their tables both in our Discord and Instagram. We also have a few tables out in the wild on YouTube. We hope to be a part of pop-ups or conventions one day.

Our Designs

What materials are used in your designs?

Walnut, Maple, Cherry, White Oak, and Bamboo. We source and use hardwoods that stand the test of time, both in daily use and style.

Do you do custom designs or projects?

We haven't allocated design or production capacity for custom work at this time. We're always curious about your ideas though so reach out via Email or Discord.

The Dresden

Does The Dresden arrive assembled?

The Dresden Board Game Table is delivered in a thick box secured to a pallet and requires assembly . It is recommended to have two people available when carrying in materials, and for assembly of The Dresden. Our Delivery, Assembly, and Care Guide walks you through the entire process.

Can I shift the configuration of the Player Stations on The Dresden?

Changes in core design or dimensions are not available. Minor changes involving leg height, dining surface style substitutions, or dining surface length may be possible. Contact us via Email or Discord to discuss and we'll go from there.

Do I have to worry about spills leaking into the Game Vault?

Much like no watch is truly waterproof, but water resistant, so it goes with gaming tables. Waterproof implies that a leak never occurs, under any circumstances, but with enough fluid, force or time, any gaming table will leak.

We don't use tongue and groove on our dining leaves. Our experience producing gaming tables taught us that leaks from spills still occur, and only make cleanup more difficult and the grooves sticky depending on liquid.

Our hardware that joins the dining leaves creates a tension seal that provides a level of spill resistance. That seal combined with swiftly wiping up spills near the seams ensures minimal, or no drips.

Are you certain those legs are sturdy enough to handle both daily life and game nights?

Thickness of the legs is not the determining factor for how sturdy our table is. Table legs only have to be thick enough to resist flexing along their length. The rest of the sturdiness comes from our joinery method used to attach the legs in order to resist racking.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but we've already Teen Wolf’ed the table and it’s solid.

The Eolian

Does The Eolian arrive assembled?

The Eolian is delivered in a single box and does not require assembly. It is recommended to have two people available when carrying and positioning The Eolian for use.

Your Payment

When will I be charged?

Your credit card is charged at the time of purchase through the site via Shopify Payments. The total balance due is required and includes the cost of shipping.

Your Shipment

What’s the timeline for your products?

Once payment is received you can expect to have your order delivered in about 24 weeks. This timeline is always fluctuating with the amount of orders so please reach out to us at if you would like a better estimate. Disruptions are unlikely but you will be contacted if a delay is possible.

How will my order be delivered?

The Dresden and The Eolian are securely packed into a cardboard box pallet and ships via tractor-trailer by our freight partners to their warehouses. Upon arrival the carrier will call to schedule a time for delivery. All other orders are shipped by traditional means (USPS, UPS, FedEx).

How do I handle accepting delivery, assembly, and care of The Dresden?

We’ve created a Delivery, Assembly, and Care Guide that walks you through what to look for upon delivery, best practices for assembly, and guidance and tips for long term care.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes we do! Please note that on top of the shipping costs we charge, you will be responsible for contacting a customs broker and paying the applicable fees and taxes. We will put you in contact with a broker if you don't have one.


Do you offer trade discounts?

We do not offer trade discounts on individual orders of The Dresden or The Eolian. For bulk orders please reach out via Email.

Are you open to collaborations?

We're all for the mixing of ideas. Reach out via Email.