Why Recessed Game Tables Offer a Better Experience: This Key Design Feature Explained

As you consider the possibility of investing in a new board gaming table, you’ll notice that some of these are recessed - with a lower playing surface that the rest of the table. Why is that? What purpose does this serve? And is it something you should make sure your new gaming table features?

Today, we’re going to answer all these questions and others you may have about why recessed game tables are the preferred choice by board gaming enthusiasts. Even puzzlers and poker snobs agree that a recessed table is ideal. 

In the interest of transparency, you’ll also learn about any potential drawbacks associated with recessed tables for gaming. Towards the end, we’ll point you toward where you can start your search for the best game table on the market.

First, what exactly does “recessed” mean in terms of board game tables?

What is a Recessed Board Game Table?

A recessed table is one with a lower playing surface. In the case of a board game table that converts into a dining table, this means that the tabletop sits at one height, while the actual surface you play games at is a bit lower. Some recessed board game tables sit lowers than others, and some can be raised or lowered to meet your exact specifications. 

To fully illustrate what a recessed table is and what it looks like, take a look at the picture below:

As you can see, this is much different than a typical table with a set height. Whether you’re playing the top-selling board games of all time, building a puzzle, or hosting poker night - this design feature has obvious benefits for the experience you and your friends have. Keep reading to learn what those are…

Why Recessed Game Tables Offer a Superior Gaming Experience 

There’s a reason why recessed game tables are the preferred choice among casual enthusiasts and diehard gamers alike. Actually, there are quite a few reasons! But it can all be summarized as this: a better experience.

First and foremost, you can seamlessly transition between gaming, eating, and back to gaming - without having to clean up or move things around. If you’re trying to arrange furniture in a living room dining room combo, this is a great investment. 

This type of table also creates a smoother gameplay experience on the lowered felt surface. It even helps with additional storage if you don’t have a board game shelf. Those with toddlers will appreciate the kid-proofing of a recessed table, too.

Read on below as we fully explain each of these benefits in greater detail - starting with the most noteworthy, in our opinion:

Ability to Convert From Gaming to Dining Without Interruption to the Game

Games that require a long setup are some of our personal favorites - the details create a sense of excitement that others just can’t match. However, if you play these games regularly, constantly having to break them down and set them back up is a chore. What if you could just leave your game as is for the next round? 

With a recessed game table, you can. Just put the tabletop back on at the end of your session and that game will be there waiting for you when the time comes. This, in our opinion, is the biggest advantage of a recessed style.

You’ll notice that professional dungeons and dragons tables are recessed for this exact reason. But, it’s not just those who play games with long campaigns or detailed setups that can benefit from a recessed feature. It’s really anyone who wants to be able to seamlessly transition between gaming and whatever else you use your table for: dining, drinking, studying, working - you name it. 

Another common example of this feature being used is when you host game night set up. You can make the evening as efficient as possible by getting games ready in the recessed area of the table. Then cover it back up with the tabletop before guests arrive. Set the mood with dinner (or snacks) and drinks - and when the time is right, pull that tabletop off and get to gaming! 

By being able to put the tabletop back on in a heartbeat - without having to break down or move your game - you can get back into the action without any sort of hassle. 

This in itself creates a better gaming experience. But that’s not the only enhancement to your gaming that you’ll enjoy…

Smoother Gameplay Experience

If you’ve tried playing games with cards, dice, or even figurines on a wooden dining table or plastic table surface, you know it’s sub-optimal. It can be hard to pick up cards - and things are constantly falling off the table. 

With a recessed game table, though, you enjoy a smoother gameplay experience. That’s because the recessed element of the feature is typically felt - allowing you to effortlessly pick up cards. It also keeps all the elements of your game in the confines of the recessed area. No more dice rolling onto the floor, no more dropping cards on the ground. 

And because you’re playing on a different surface than the tabletop itself, you don’t have to stress about scratching or damaging the wooden surface. Whether you’re playing the best cooperative board games or the most popular tabletop RPGs, this is a godsend.

Works as Additional Storage

This was sort of touched on earlier - but being able to store games within the recessed area of your table is a huge benefit for those tight on space. Sure - getting the best gaming shelves is still something we encourage you to look into, as these add a nice aesthetic to your home while keeping things organized.

But those who simply cannot justify this additional piece of furniture in their home can store all their favorite board games directly within the table itself. When it’s time to play, your games are right there for everyone to choose from. Stack the rest in a corner while you play, and let the games begin!

Toddler Resistant 

Those with young kids would never dare leave a game set up on the table while they run an errand or step outside for a phone call. Your toddler can sniff out the opportunity to make a mess the moment it arises. 

But, with the recessed game table, you don’t have to worry about that! Young toddlers won’t be able to reach into the recessed area. So, stressing over puzzle mishaps or game disasters is a thing of the past. 

Are There Any Drawbacks to the Recessed Board Game Table Design Feature?

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why recessed game tables are the way to go in this day and age. But…what’s the catch? Are there any reasons to opt for a traditional table without this design feature?

Nope - this is one of those rare cases where there are really no drawbacks to take note of. With that said, some users report that early on, reaching down into the recessed surface feels weird and takes getting used to. This is especially common for shorter people with less reach. 

However, these complaints subside once you get used to the table. And for the most part, people actually prefer reaching into the table vs reaching across a table. The elements of your game become more accessible. And, with a custom board game table design by Bandpass, you can adjust the height of your playing surface with ease - finding the sweet spot for everyone. In our opinion, this one “complaint” is actually a nonissue.

Experience Why Recessed Game Tables Rock First Hand at Bandpass Design

At this point, you should be convinced of the magic behind the recessed game table. But guess what? This is just one of the many reasons to invest in a well-designed board gaming table! 

There are other features that make this innovative furniture worth investing in. For example - everyone has their own playing station. These player stations are complete with card slots, dice bins, drink holders, and more. This creates the best playing experience you’ve ever had before. 

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Closing Thoughts on the Recessed Board Game Table Advantage

This discussion should have provided you clarity on why recessed game tables are the premier choice in this day and age. 

If you’re going to get a quality gaming table, you might as well get one that offers the best possible playing experience. Better yet, get one that allows you to use the table for more than just gaming. The Dresden isn’t just the best game table - it’s the best dining table, too. Once you have the chance to host your favorite group of people over and see it in action, you’ll understand why. Start customizing yours today.