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Board Game Tables & Modern Furniture from Bandpass Design

Recreation by Design: Custom Furniture from Bandpass

Bandpass Design creates custom board game furniture for the gamer who has an eye for rich style and an appreciation for practical function. Our handcrafted board game tables, shelves, and accessories add aesthetic depth to your interior while giving you a room feature to come back to time and again. 

Choose from our selection of fully customizable board game tables, bookshelves, leaf keeps, DM shelves, dice bin covers, and other niche items. We design and build each product by hand and deliver them straight to your door.

A Truly Innovative Approach to Home Furnishing

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Board Game Furniture with Gameplay in Mind

Our Best Sellers

“My dresden looks so good I have to remodel my house now”

Patrick G.

"There aren't enough words for me to describe how awesome this table is."

Veronica E.

"The Dresden is an heirloom quality piece that I will pass down to my son in the future. I love this table!"

Aaron W.

"An elegant dining table that feels comfortable in any room of the house, not just a den or gaming room."

Ernest P.

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