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Welcome to Bandpass Design.

We think you're swell.

Have a look at our first product, The Dresden Gaming Table.


The Dresden Gaming Table

We want to make a lot of furniture, all the furnitures, but after nearly 7 years of living, breathing, bleeding, and sweating game tables, we just couldn't help ourselves. We weren't chasing the game table market but one day we had a great idea. 

Why can't we make a gaming table that's a truly great dining table first?



A roomy dining table with modern lines.

We know the dream is to have that dedicated gaming space where the crew or the family can relax and have a great time. The reality is that there's usually only room for one table in any home and that table needs to make dinner happen first. 

There are a lot of great gaming tables out there but they don't make great dining tables. They always look a little out of place and they rarely offer any style for the spaces we create to put them in. 

The Dresden was designed to look just like a dining table, to fit in with modern aesthetic, and to fly under the radar so that it can play a normal role in your everyday life.



Solid Walnut where it counts and hearty bamboo that takes a beating.

Why is it so hard to get a gaming table made from walnut? Sure, it's a little pricey and it's hard to source in good quality but it's a wood like any other. 

The Dresden offers solid walnut legs, external aprons, and a 1" thick dining top made in three sections that can be easily removed to reveal the gaming surfaces.

Don't scoff, bamboo is a wonderful product.

The "Janka Hardness Scale" is used to quantify the relative resistance of wood to denting and wear. Alder, for example, has a Janka Hardness of 590 (pounds-force) and walnut has a Janka Hardness of 1,010. Bamboo, in contrast, has a Janka Hardness of 1,610. Alder, though it's classified as a hardwood (because it's a deciduous tree, yup, that's all that phrase means) is pretty darn soft and it'll get trashed pretty fast. Walnut will deal with damage a little better but Bamboo is as resistant to damage as Hard Rock Sugar Maple and that's pretty handy when you're rolling fancy metal dice and beating the table in frustration after another sheep card.    

Nope, no one wants that sheep card. Go ahead, throw a fit.  Beat the hell out of that bamboo.  The Dresden can take it.



It's all there.

Rail systems are pretty cool and offer a great way to personalize your set up. For us, the concept simply didn't make it through our design filter.

Too much noise.

We don't want to nickel and dime you for accessories and we think, when they're not in the way, they position you too far from the action.

It should all be there where you need it without all the fuss. Cup holders, Dice Bins, Counter and Chit Holders, and Card Slots are all built right in putting everything within arm's reach. 



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