Board Game Table Reviews: What You Need to Know Before Buying the Dresden

If you’re searching for board game table reviews to help you make the most informed decision, you’ve come to the right place. We believe the Dresden is the best board game table - and by the time you finish reading these reviews, we’re pretty confident you will agree.

We’re honored to have found a place in people’s homes around the world. And we took the time to chat with nearly 30 of our customers - some who have had their tables for years, and others who purchased their tables quite recently. 

Below, we’ve compiled some of the most important takeaways from these conversations. We hope that these findings help you figure out which features and accessories you should add to your table. But beyond that, we hope that this breakdown on some of the reviews of our board game table inspires you to pull the trigger and treat yourself to the Dresden - unlocking all the benefits that come with this piece of innovative furniture!

Real Board Game Table Reviews From People Who Bought the Dresden 

We’re going to break this conversation down by addressing three questions that sum up everything you need to know before you buy a game table yourself:

  • Why did you choose to buy the Dresden?
  • What made you trust Bandpass as a company?
  • How was the customer support and overall experience?
  • Would you make the purchase again if you could do it all over?

We’ll start by taking a detailed look at some of the key features customers chose and finding out what their thoughts were after having the opportunity to see them in action.

Why Did You Buy the Dresden Game Table - What Features Influenced Your Decision?

If you aren’t too familiar with the Dresden just yet, you’re in for a real treat. 

This is among the most sophisticated multifunctional furniture for small spaces - allowing for effortless conversion from dining to gaming and back again. Just lift the table top to reveal a stunning, recessed felt playing surface underneath. The other key feature that makes this table so great is the individual player stations, complete with drink holders, dice bins, and card slots. 

And when asking our customers which specific features they chose - and why - the overwhelming response was in regards to these two features. 

While many gaming tables can be equipped with some of the same features as the Dresden, the difference is in the fact that the Dresden features are built right into the table. You don’t have to worry about these coming loose or crowding the table. The fully integrated design sets the Dresden apart. Our customer Jesse summed this point up really well: “Lots of tables require you to have add-ons that attach to the table to get the same effect and they look a bit clunky and not as stable.”

But above all else, our customers love how easily they can convert from dining to gaming. When not used for gaming, the table appears as nothing more than a stunning dining table. The look on friends' and family members’ faces when the dining top is lifted to reveal a sleek, stunning felt playing surface was worth the price alone for some customers. 

Here’s what one customer had to say in regard to the aesthetic: “It looks like an attractive table with the topper on. Other tables just look like bulky game tables with lids and not attractive additions to a home.”

Besides creating a cohesive look in any living room dining room layout, this feature is what unlocks game night as a possibility in the first place for some families. Take this review of our board game table, for example: “we have an infant and the only way to get a game on the table is if we can quickly clean up for a meal. The vault is the difference between us being able to play games like Frosthaven or not.”

What Made You Trust Bandpass as a Company?

Anytime you’re ordering something custom online it can be stressful. But when ordering a high-end custom dining/gaming table and having to wait a while for it to be handcrafted and sent your way, it’s even more difficult to pull the trigger on your purchase. 

And yet, we’ve had countless customers trust us for their gaming table needs. What exactly cleared their doubt and allowed them to feel confident in making this purchase? 

We may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves here, but it can really be attributed to our customer support and loyal community. We have many customers saying they chose us after being referred to us by friends or other gamers online. Others referenced our Discord community. 

But beyond the trust factor, many of our board game table reviews reference these factors:

  • The quality (or perhaps perceived quality) of the table itself
  • The stunning design of the table itself
  • The quicker production time compared to alternatives

This review says it better than we could: “Design & availability are what had me choose Bandpass Design. However, the customer service and continued drive to work with your customers to make the best tables & gaming accessories possible keep me engaged. To the point that anytime I hear someone mention one of your competitors I immediately send them to your website and list off 10 reasons why they should go with you”. We appreciate you, Jeremy!

How Was the Customer Service?

While we take great pride in the quality features our table is equipped with, we’re even more proud of the reputation we’ve earned for ourselves over the years as a company committed to providing amazing customer service.

We’re lifelong board gamers ourselves - and this whole journey began when we decided to blend our passion for woodworking with gaming. Thus, having the chance to enhance the lives of others who share our interests is the most rewarding part of this journey. This shines through in some of the comments our customers left us in regard to the experience itself:

“Fantastic, best company I've dealt with in the furniture space.”

“Excellent. We could get updates any time on discord and they worked with me every step of the way, including when I dealt with some warping of the insert due to the climate difference between the shop and my house.”

“Phenomenal. The fact that I could swiftly get updates and ideas from Discord kept me from falling into the usual worry when ordering a custom item.”

One common theme throughout our reviews was that customers loved the access to our Discord group. This is a server where you can talk shop with other owners. We are also active in the community ourselves and answer questions/provide insights regularly. As we said earlier, we’re doing this because we’re passionate about helping you enhance the way you play!

Of the 28 customers we polled for this board game table review, only 3 customers said anything less than “amazing”, “fantastic”, “excellent” or “phenomenal” - and even they said these customers reported the experience was “good” or “fair”. We don’t settle for good enough, though, and work relentlessly to turn these experiences around and leave our customers impressed beyond belief. 

Would You Make the Purchase Again if You Could Do it All Over?

Here’s what really matters…do customers feel regretful or grateful after having some time to live with their new board game table? And as it turns out, this section is going to be short and sweet. Because the responses we got back were all one word: yes.

All 28 customers we polled said they would purchase the Dresden again knowing what they know now. If that doesn’t give you confidence in designing your own table here with us, we don’t know what will!

With that said, we did want to ensure you got the board game table of your dreams - and so we also asked customers if there was anything they’d do differently the second time around. Many customers reported that they regret not getting the dice bin covers - one of the accessories you can equip the Dresden with. Other customers reported wishing they had gone with a larger board game table size.

Common Trends You Can Pull From These Reviews

Before we wrap up our conversation on the Dresden board game table reviews, we want to point out a few common trends you can pull from these reviews. 

When you shop at Bandpass, you’re getting a stunning, high-quality table that is built to stand the test of time - providing amazing experiences and precious memories for years to come. Our tables are crafted by hand and it shows in the final product.

The functionality of this table is second to none. Converting between dining and gaming takes just a moment, and the integrated features create a seamless, cohesive playing experience for all. And from your initial inquiry to long after we’ve delivered your table, you’ll experience world-class customer support.

Want to Explore Other Dresden Board Game Table Reviews?

We hope you take a chance on us and get your custom board gaming dining table at Bandpass Design. As you can see from these board game table reviews, you’re spending your hard earned money in the best place possible - whether you’re looking to play the top selling board games with your family or invite the crew over to experience your new dungeons and dragons setup.

If you’re still not convinced, we encourage you to hop on our Discord server and ask any questions you’d like or raise any concerns on your mind. If we don’t have a chance to respond to them first, our amazing community certainly will! When it’s all said and done, we hope to add you to our list of success stories and transform the way you bond with family and friends from your new Dresden family game table!