About Us


A bandpass filter is engineered to remove noise from a signal, leaving what matters most in an optimal result. The concept is a summary of our design philosophy—Bandpass Design.

Furniture should evoke strong feelings when viewed and experienced. How it reflects your personality and environment matters when making leisure time more interesting and enjoyable.

The way we watch tv & movies, listen to music, play games, draw, tinker and create has changed. We're fascinated by the cultural niches that make up the modern meta within these recreations. 

There's something out there to counter the grind of life for everyone, and we hope create the timeless, extensible pieces that do so..

The Woodshop

Christopher Potter

Chris is capable of damn near anything. Every shop needs a Chris. Years of experience in facilities management, and as a shop foreman, combine with an innate talent for all things mechanical. On top of all that, he puts in the work to design new products.

He also has a knack for horrible puns.

AJ Hansen

AJ has balanced his passion for all things gaming and his love for woodworking to refine the craft and gain insight into the implementation of design efficiencies. AJ develops faster processes in production on top of communicating with customers.

He also passionately plays Rocket League, Baseball, and Disc Golf.

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