The Best Small Space Multi-Functional Furniture: Ideas for Space Saving

Furnishing a small space can feel impossible. Whether you’re living in a studio apartment or just bought a small house for a large family, it’s all about making the most of the limited space you have. And the best way to make that tiny area feel a bit more spacious - without compromising on practicality or function? The small space multifunctional furniture ideas we’re going to share with you today!

Multi purpose furniture for small spaces is a godsend. It allows you to spend your budget wiser - crossing a few essentials off your list with one easy purchase. And, these particular small space multifunctional furniture ideas are perfect for those who want to be able to host guests in their small space without feeling crowded or uncomfortable. 

And once you see some of the multifunctional space saving furniture we have curated for you down below, you’ll realize another benefit of these awesome pieces: they’re just plain awesome. Wait till you see #2 on our list...

Before we get to unveiling our selections for the best multi functional furniture for small spaces, allow us to break down some of the key benefits of these types of furniture in the first place. 

The Importance of Multi-Functional Furniture for Small Spaces

The most obvious reason for investing in multifunctional space saving furniture is creating the illusion of more space in your home.

multi purpose furniture for small space living

As our major cities - and even rural areas - continue to increase in population, living spaces are becoming smaller and smaller. This is true of apartments, condos, and houses. In this day and age, space is a precious commodity - so you need to be able to make the most of it.

But, even if you don’t feel like your home is particularly small, adding some multi-functional furniture for small spaces has powerful benefits. As we briefly mentioned earlier, you’ll save money by killing two (or more, in some cases!) birds with one stone. If you can buy a table that serves not just as a dining room table - but also as a poker table or puzzle station - you can spend more on the purchase as you’re spending less in the long run.

And, if you’re still searching for a reason to invest in small space multi-functional furniture, here’s one final reason…it’s really cool! If you’re like us, you love showing off cool stuff anytime you have guests over. Imagine the look on your friends' & family's faces when you turn your lounge chairs into a bed with just a few steps - or you lift your coffee table up to unveil a hidden storage arsenal within.

The Best Small Space Multi-Functional Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Ready to discover the best small space multi-functional furniture ideas for your home? Maybe you are looking to furnish your new apartment or house from scratch. Or perhaps you’re looking to open the space up and replace a few pieces of furniture with a single piece of multi-functional space saving furniture. Either way, we’ve got some exciting picks below - let’s start with the new centerpiece of your living room.

Lift-Top Coffee Tables

It’s been said that the coffee table is the first thing people notice in your living room. And if you have some really unique art or plants, that might not be true. But for the most part, your coffee table is the statement piece of your living room. And, lift-top coffee tables in particular are one of the smartest choices for those tight on space.

Not only is the lift-top a really cool feature that you can show off to everyone. But, it helps you eliminate the need for extra storage furniture by allowing you to put games, books, and other essentials directly within the coffee table. These range in size from small to large, so finding the perfect fit is easy.

Convertible Board Game Dining Table

Our personal favorite piece of multi purpose furniture for small spaces is this dual board gaming dining table.

Not only is it one of the most stunning, modern dining tables you’ve ever laid eyes on. But, it also converts into a professional gaming table in seconds! By removing the dining top, you’ll unveil a gorgeous felted playing service underneath. The table is complete with individual players' stations with drink holders, dice bins, card slots, and more.

The best part? You can customize your table to be your own - based on your preferences and budget. Choose from an array of woodgrains, design types, and features to incorporate. From perfecting your d&d table setup to creating memories around these top cooperative board games with family and friends - this one table will change the way you dine and play.

Loft Beds with Workspaces

Are you on the work from home grind? This has become more and more commonplace since the pandemic changed everything. And even now as restrictions have lowered, workers and companies alike recognize the benefit of the WFH lifestyle. But, it’s important to create a dedicated workspace to achieve peak productivity - and to separate your work life from your home life. If you’re living in a small space this can feel impossible. That’s where this incredible piece of multipurpose furniture for small spaces comes in.

If you feel as if you’ve maximized the length and width of your current space, consider making use of that vertical space! By sleeping on this loft bed, you can free up all the space underneath for a desk and a chair - or, put in a TV and a sofa. The possibilities are endless when you remove the bed from your floor space. 

Convertible Sleeper Chairs

Convertible sleeper chairs are a perfect choice for a guest bedroom or even the living room. While you may not be able to afford or justify bringing a spare bed into your space, you can still make things comfortable for the occasional overnight guest with these chairs. 

multipurpose furniture for small space living

As the name suggests, they appear to be nothing more than an ordinary lounge chair - until they convert into a small bed on demand! And while you may scoff at these at first, some of them are super comfortable. You may find yourself spending a few nights on them yourself when you’re so tired you can’t make it to the bedroom! 

Multi-Purpose Side Tables

No living room is complete without some side tables. This helps cut back on spills as you and guests can safely stow drinks and food on the table - rather than on your lap on the couch. And, they can provide a nice accent to your living room. 

But, you may feel as if you don’t have the space for these in your current setup. What if you replaced some traditional storage furniture with multi-purpose side tables, though, which offer extra storage? Many of today’s modern space saving side tables have deep storage capabilities - while also boasting cool cable-management capabilities. 

Multi-Purpose Shelving System

One of the common themes of many of the small space multifunctional furniture ideas we’ve shared with you thus far is storage.

multifunctional space saving furniture ideas

This allows you to consolidate your furniture needs instead of having an entire storage shelf or media cabinet. But, if you are sold on having a storage shelf, consider this unique board game shelf.

It’s been specifically designed to display board games, books, knick-knacks, photos - you name it - in the most space-saving and organized manner. This one storage shelf can hold more than what multiple shelving systems can - if you can justify bringing a shelving system into your space, go with this one!

Triple Duty Sleeper Sofa

You likely know that futons are an awesome piece of multipurpose furniture for small space living. So, we won’t bore you with the same old recommendation. Instead, consider going with a triple-duty sleeper sofa!

This awesome, unique piece serves as a typical sofa with ottomans during the day. At night, you can place the ottomans in the middle of the sofa - which breaks down into a bed. It becomes one of the most comfortable sleeping arrangements you’ve ever rested upon. 

Storage Ottomans

Another excellent choice for anyone seeking the best small space multifunctional furniture ideas is a storage ottoman. Similar to a lift-top coffee table, these are a perfect choice for your living room or even an office/bedroom. 

Not only can you kick your feet up on these and truly relax after a long, trying day. But, you can also get all your stuff out of sight, and out of mind by storing it directly within the ottoman. We highly recommend either this piece of multipurpose furniture for small space living or a lift-top coffee table. They serve similar purposes, so it comes down to personal preference. 

Mirror With Shelving and Hooks

This is a great choice for mounting above a bedroom vanity or desk.

A mirror with shelving makes it easy to get ready for the day wherever you want - not just in the bathroom.

But, because it offers storage shelves and hooks to hang stuff from, you can justify making the space for it.

And after all, it hangs on your wall out of the way! 

Murphy Bed with Integrated Table

Last but not least, you can consider a murphy bed with an integrated table - an excellent consideration for those in studio apartments. Because you’ll eat and sleep in the same room, why not take things a step further and do both of these things on the same piece of furniture? 

Whether the piece of furniture is set up as the dining table or as the bed, it looks incredible. Guests will never know it’s a piece of small space multi-functional furniture - unless you show it off to them!

Wrapping up Our Review of the Best Multi Purpose Furniture for Small Spaces

We hope the pieces of multi purpose furniture for small spaces that we’ve shared throughout this list help you make the most of your living arrangement. 

Making your small apartment or tiny house a home can feel challenging - but with the multifunctional furniture ideas we’ve shared today, it doesn’t have to be impossible!