The Coolest Small Game Room Furniture Ideas

Trying to create a game room with space constraints can seem impossible. But, with strategic furniture selection and some careful planning, you can create the game room of your dreams. Easier said than done, that’s for sure...but entirely possible! 

And today, we’re going to point you in the right direction as we highlight the best small game room ideas you can implement yourself. Our goal down below is to offer some inspiration as you look to create a game room in your home. You can’t do anything about the amount of space you have - all you can do is work with what you’ve got.

From choosing the right furniture to factoring in lighting, you’ll be well on your way to making your game room vision a reality soon. Let’s get right into the discussion at hand!

Small Game Room Furniture Ideas & Design Tips You Can Implement Yourself

In this section, we’re going to share our favorite furniture ideas for a small game room. Pick and choose what inspires you and make sure that the space you’re making is aligned with your own unique preferences. After all, it’s your game room - you need to make it your own! 

Once we share these cool furniture ideas for game rooms, we’ll leave you with a few tips for tying it all together.

With that said, we’ll start with an important first step that comes before choosing furniture - creating a theme.

Look to Create a Theme

The first step to making your game room a reality is devising a vision. What do you want the room to look like? When it comes to game rooms in particular, we love themes. This is where you get to be creative and have some fun!

Maybe you have a favorite sports team. Or, perhaps you want your game room to be inspired by your favorite game. Either way, you can seek out decor and furniture to compliment that theme and create a cohesive space you’re proud to show off.

Of course, themes aren’t for everyone. If you want your game room to blend in with the rest of your home, you can just look to fill the space with furniture and decor that matches. For example, if your home holds a mid-century modern edge, you’d want to seek out a table, chairs, storage shelves, and wall art that matches. 

Once you have a better vision of what your game room is going t outlook like, it’s time to start bringing in the furniture. And because you’re likely going to be tight on space, we encourage you to take the approach of multipurpose furniture for small spaces.

Add Multi-Functional Gaming Table

Every game room needs a large table - where else are you going to play games, after all? 

furniture ideas for a small game room

The specific type of table you go after will vary based on the type of games you play. For example, if you host poker night, you’ll want to look for some sort of poker table setup. On the other hand, if you are the dungeon master and looking to create a space to host your regular get-togethers, a dungeons and dragons table makes the most sense.

With that said, it’s very likely you don’t plan on just playing a single type of game at your table. There will undoubtedly be evenings where you just play some of the top-selling board games or cooperative board games for adults

That’s why our advice is to get a table that does it all. A multi-functional gaming table that unlocks endless possibilities will be the best investment you can make in your game room. So, we believe the absolute best small game room furniture idea you can implement is buying the Dresden: the most innovative, modern board game dining table online.

This will prove invaluable for those nights that consist of both gaming and chilling. You can start the evening with dinner, drinks, and conversation. Then when it’s time to get to gaming, remove the top to unveil a stunning, optimized gaming table underneath. It’s equipped with a felt playing surface that changes heights. And, you’ll love the individual gaming stations with drink holders, card slots, and more. 

The best part? You get to make it your own - customizing it to match any space with a ton of different styles and woodgrains. If your game room is going to be integrated into a living room dining room combo, this innovative dining table is an absolute must. Learn more by clicking the link a few paragraphs back. For now, we’ll move on to the next small game room furniture idea: saving space by mounting things on the wall.

Mount Things on the Wall to Save Space

Because space is a precious commodity in most people’s game rooms, you’re going to need to be strategic about what you bring into the space. That means mounting things on the wall where possible to free up valuable floor space. 

A few things you can mount on the wall in your game room include:

  • TV
  • Lamps
  • Storage shelves
  • Speakers

Getting these things up off the floor allows more space to justify cool additions like arcade games, or just additional seating. Maybe your specific room is so small that you just want to create room for people to exist without feeling cramped! Using wall space in a practical manner is important. And so is the manner in which you store stuff in the space - so let’s talk about that next.

Use Practical Storage Solutions

One of the best tips we can offer for anyone seeking out furniture ideas for a small game room is to consider how you’re going to store everything. Of course, you need a practical means of storing all your games. But beyond the board games themselves, how will you store other stuff - like blankets, movies, gaming consoles/controllers, and more?

You can make life a whole lot easier by getting a well-designed board game shelf to maximize space. This will also help eliminate clutter in your game room and make it easy to find any game you’re looking for right when you need it. 

Moreover, these shelving systems add shape and visual interest to the space. You can even store plants, photos, and other collectibles on them to spruce up the game room and make it feel more like home. 

Prioritize Lighting

The importance of proper lighting in your game room cannot be overstated. The last thing you want is for guests to complain that they can’t really read the rulebook or cards when in your game room! 

There’s a balance to be struck here. You do want to be able to create a cool ambiance with dim lighting - and maybe even some LED lights. However, you do need to be able to brighten up the room for certain types of games. Being able to set the vibe is huge - so get dimmable lights and don’t be afraid to use LEDs!

Consider Keeping Track of Game Nights With a Scoreboard

One of the cool furniture ideas for game rooms that stands out in some that we’ve seen is a scoreboard. Chances are, you play the same games with the same people routinely. Maybe that’s cribbage, or it could be Monopoly. The point is, it’s fun to be able to keep track of scores over the course of the year. Having a scoreboard hung on the wall is a great way to do this. 

Of course, it’s not all about the scores - the point of game night is to have fun. With that said, putting some money or perhaps betting dinner over the course of a year is a great way to keep everyone engaged in the game and trying their hardest! And if you’re just looking to keep track of your score for a long night of gaming, you’ll be able to do that, too. Chalk or sharpie scoreboards are great small game room furniture ideas.

No Game Room is Complete Without a Bar of Some Sort!

The final cool furniture idea for game rooms we want to share with you is to create a bar in the game room. After all, games are just part of what you do on game nights. You want to entertain with drinks and snacks, and keeping everything you need in the game room makes for a seamless evening of food, drinks, and fun.

You don’t have to build a full-fledged bar - chances are, you don’t have the space for that anyway. It can be as simple as bringing in a drink cart or keeping the essentials on a few shelves. This will prevent people from having to leave the room to top off their glass or grab a snack.

Tips for Bringing These Cool Furniture Ideas for a Small Game Room to Life in Your Home

cool furniture ideas for game room

Hosting a board game night in your very own game room is an experience like no other. It’s so much fun being able to show off the space you’ve built and actually use it with friends and family. So down below, we’ll provide you with a few additional tips for bringing your vision to life.

Consider How Much Space You Have

This is perhaps the most important tip we can offer to anyone looking to get started designing their board game room. It’s all too easy to get inspired by game rooms you see on Instagram or Pinterest and attempt to replicate what you see in your own space. 

You want a pool table, a giant TV with gaming consoles and couch seating, a poker table, and a full bar. But do you really have space for that? If you’re here reading our article on small game room furniture ideas, probably not. It’s more likely you’ll have to compromise on some elements of what your dream game room looks like - unless you’re willing to make serious modifications to your home!

With that said, start by considering what matters most to you in a game room. What will you and your guests spend the most time doing? Optimize around that - and fill in the rest of your space after you’ve taken care of the main priority(s). And, the next question will help you answer that.

What Types of Games Are You Playing?

If you’re not entirely sure where to start with your game room, a great first question is: what type of games are you going to play in the room? 

For most people, the answer ranges from card games to board games to RPGs. However, maybe for you and your friends, it’s ping pong, pool, or some other game requiring a specialized table. By figuring out what sort of games you and your crew play the most frequently, you can start to shop accordingly. 

While space is a precious commodity, there are plenty of multi-functional gaming tables that offer up ping pong, pool, and more all in one. You can even play board games and card games on these - although, the experience won’t quite be what it would be on the Dresden! 

Don’t Neglect the Importance of Seating

One thing many people designing a game room fail to factor in is where everyone is going to sit. It’s easy to start adding cool pieces of furniture, arcade games, and more. But do you have ample seating for everyone? This should be one of the first things you think about.

If people view your game room as a place of discomfort, what’s the point in having the coolest games and awesome decor? You need to invest in the best board game table chairs possible. They’re well worth it - trust us!

Create a Balance of Form & Function

Finally, make sure your game room strikes a balance between form and function.

Yes, you want it to look cool and impress your guests. But if it’s crammed full of games and nowhere to chill, you won’t be offering the best experience for friends and family. 

On the other hand, if your game room has tons of room to relax and entertain guests - but nothing to entertain them with - it’s not really a game room, is it?

Striking a balance between form and function isn’t easy, but it is important. So, make sure you don’t just focus on creating a space that looks cool - it is cool!

Wrapping Up Our Discussion on Small Game Room Furniture Ideas

That just about does it for our discussion on small game room furniture ideas. We’ve provided some awesome furniture ideas for a small game room, along with some tips and inspiration for designing the space in general.

We hope you feel inspired to create your own game room now - regardless of space limitations. Make the most of what you have, and as long as you invite the right people over - you’ll have a blast in any space!