How to Organize Board Games

If you're a board game enthusiast, few things rival the excitement you feel when pulling your favorite board games off your board game shelf, pulling the contents from the box, and setting the game up on your board game table. The bigger the board game, the more fun you have sitting around the table with family and friends. It's so much, in fact, that you find yourself collecting several board games over the years.

All those board games may be fun. However, they quickly take up space, making it difficult for you to store them properly. Without a system in place, finding your board games can also be challenging. Whether you store your games on your board game shelf, in a container, or your closet, below, we look at some ideas for how to organize board games in your home.

Display Shelf

Eolian Board Game Shelf

Like any other decor in your house, you may want to display your board games for others to see. One of the best board game storage ideas is using a decorative display shelf. You can show off your entire board game collection anywhere in your home - especially in the areas where you play board games the most.

When choosing a display shelf, make sure you choose a product that is highly durable and accessible and matches the decor in your room. Many homeowners today prefer a more modern look for a display. However, you can find a display shelf that works in almost any home setting. Display shelves are perfect for grabbing board games on family game night or when you have friends over.

Plastic Containers or Bins

One of the best ways to store your board games is to seal them in plastic containers or small plastic bins. There are several reasons why plastic containers are one of your best options. Plastic bins are:

  • Durable, making it difficult to damage your board game
  • Come in a variety of sizes to suit any board game
  • Are easy to label - simply write on the container or use sticky labels
  • Are stackable and compact and fit into any small space

When using plastic containers, you can either ditch the box or get a container large enough to fit the box and all the contents. If possible, try to purchase multiple plastic containers or bins of the same size so that you can stack them. This makes it easier to store your containers or bins in the same place. Also, remember to label the plastic containers so that you have quick access to your board games.

Custom Game Boxes

Manufacturers often design game boxes to last. However, most board game boxes can wear down over time, leading to punctures, tears, and worn covers. The more worn-down board game boxes become, the more vulnerable the board game is. Another handy way to store board games is to use custom board game boxes.

You can personalize a game box to store games safely in any area in your house. Personalized game boxes come with features such as:

  • Custom sizes and dimensions for any game boards
  • Custom card boxes
  • Decorative game covers that look like the original game boxes
  • Score pad replacements
  • Spinners and tiles
  • Booklets and pencils

You can replicate virtually any type of box with game pieces and other accessories intact. It's the best way to store board games if you have any older games that you want to restore but can't seem to find anywhere.

Rolling Game Table

If you're looking for convenience and an easy way to access and store board games instantly, a rolling game table makes board game storage easier than ever. Simply go to your board game storage area, pull out the rolling game, choose your game boards, and set up your game. Once you are done playing the game, break down your game boards, set them on the table, and roll it away.

Like games boxes or plastic bins, rolling game tables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so that you can store all your board games. You can fit them in your closet or an isolated area in your game room. Rolling game tables are available with multiple shelves and enclosures. Or you can purchase open game tables and stack your games according to your board game organization preferences.

Create a Game Room

board game table in game room

When it comes to board game organization, nothing beats a game room. You have more space for organizing board games and more options for stimulating your creativity. Game rooms are especially nice if you and your family play games all of the time and need a designated area for all your board games. When creating a recreation room, consider these tips:

  • Consider shelving to store board games vertically.
  • Try to make special storage areas for card games.
  • Create a built-in, sturdy game box on your wall or in your closet
  • Add a customizable game table especially designed for board games or card games
  • Find ways to maximize game storage to cut down on clutter.

When it comes to game rooms, there are no rules. The main thing to think about is remodeling your room so that it is highly functional and convenient. After all, you're going to need a practical way to store all those games.

Build a Game Cupboard

Like customized games boxes, a game cupboard is essentially a cabinet that either stands alone or attaches to the wall. Game cupboards are great for organizing all your games because you can build them according to the size and shape of the boxes. Therefore, you can store multiple games and organize them according to size, shape, name, or game type. Plus, you can create small coveys or boxes for game pieces inside the cupboard.

When building cabinets, think about accessibility. For instance, you may want to position the cabinets at eye level instead of high up or on the floor. This design makes it easier to grab your games on game night. You can also see all the games stored in the cabinet much easier to know what games you have. You can build cupboards specifically for larger games and smaller games. Don't forget to create a space for your card games!

Hanging Closet Organizer

Another cool way to store your board is a hanging closet organizer. While this type of organizer is common for card games, many people do not realize how convenient it can be for board games. You can store more games in an isolated area that may not be dedicated exclusively to board games. Like other containers, a hanging closet organizer comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, with multiple options for pockets.

The main thing to consider when choosing a hanging closet organizer is the size of your board game or card game. While organizers are handy, the pockets can be too small. So, make sure you get pockets that can accommodate your card game or board game. Also, make sure you have enough space in your closet for your favorite games and other items you need to store. Last, consider the height space you have from the hanger to the floor. Your hanging closet organizer needs to hang freely without touching the floor.

Slide-Out Shelves

When considering how to organize board games, one of your biggest issues is saving space or storing your board games with other games. You need a place that is both accessible and easy to use. One great idea for storing large and small games is slide-out shelves. You can store multiple games inside the shelves and pull the shelves out so that you can easily reach them.

For instance, you may have several board games that you store in plastic boxes. Sometimes those boxes are not easy to see in the back of the shelf. Other times, you may not be able to see missing pieces that are hiding in the back of the game box, cabinet, or display shelf. Slide-out shelves keep your games organized and allow you to store your original box regardless of the box size with the ability to reach the box in any space. You can create slide-out shelves in your hall closet, cupboard, or cabinets.

Game Piece Organizers

game pieces on board game table

When it comes to board games or card games, every game has a unique setup. As such, some games require you to add game pieces as you go. This can be especially true if you want to add more people to the game. However, you may find that the pieces do not fit into the original boxes. Some older games may have bad boxes that you need to get rid of.

If so, you may want to purchase game piece organizers. These types of storage containers are similar to organizers you would buy for crafts or nails. You can purchase some organizers from your local dollar store. If you are a big fan of organization and want to keep your game pieces in a central location, shop around for organizers that are better than small boxes and give you more room for your pieces.

Get Rid of Old Incomplete Games

Often, organization is as much about purging what you don't need to add what you want. If you have less space for your games, but may not be able to add a room or a cupboard, then now is the time to get rid of the old or incomplete games you don't play anymore. You may have an old game that is missing small pieces and is just taking up space.

Clearing out the old games is a great example of making your keepers easily accessible. Look throughout your whole closet and find board games with missing small pieces or games that you don't play anymore. You may be able to give them away to your local library, church, or charity. Once you get rid of some old games, you now have room for more ideas to add new games.