6 Board Gaming Table Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

Are you on the hunt for a new board gaming table? This process is exciting - but, it can also quickly become overwhelming as you ponder all the game table options out there. With so many styles, brands, and features to choose from, it can become difficult to pick the right table for your unique needs. Our board game table buying guide is a great resource for those who don’t know where to start. We cover everything you need to know there. But today, we’re going to talk specifically about 6 board gaming table features you didn’t know you needed.

We know how seriously you’re taking this process - you want the best possible table for gaming. To help you identify the most important features to equip your table with, we scoured the internet to see what people like you had to say before, during, and after shopping for their own table. We even polled our own customers on the features that matter most to them. And, we’re confident that these 6 features cannot be overlooked if you truly want the best gaming table. From built-in cup holders to card holding slots, intuitive dining-to-gaming conversion, and a whole lot more - we can’t wait to reveal these features to you.

So, without any further ado, here at 6 gaming table features you didn’t know you needed - until now!

6 Board Gaming Table Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

To come up with these features, we took a look at the board game table features that serious board gamers and RPG enthusiasts said they wish their gaming table had. These design features provide a better player experience - and, they just plain look cool! One feature in particular is especially important for those who want to use just one table in their home - for gaming, dining, working, you name it! We’re going to start with a basic design feature that you should not compromise on at all - your gaming table must have these!

Cup Holders

There is nothing worse than a cluttered gaming table with no space for drinks. You and your fellow players have to carefully navigate the table while playing so as to not knock over drinks. And that’s if your table is even big enough to accommodate everyone’s drinks along with the gaming essentials. We’ve seen plenty of game nights where attendees are forced to put their cups next to them on the floor - another inconvenience and spilling hazard. That’s why cup holders should be a non-negotiable must-have on your gaming table.

It sounds so simple - and yet, the vast majority of board game tables don’t have cup holders built into the table. Why is that? Who knows…but, we decided to do something about it. Our board game table is equipped with individual player stations - each featuring a large cup holder to safely accommodate any drink you desire, at arms reach. 

Game Vault Lift

Another really unique feature that you may not have realized you needed - until we mentioned it - is the game vault lift. Picture this - you and your friends are playing a dice game at your table.

game vault lift

You’ll likely want the playing surface a bit lower so that dice aren’t bouncing off the table. But, when it comes time to play a tabletop game like Dungeons and Dragons, or one of these super fun party board games, or even for building puzzles - you’ll want to raise the table up a bit. Being able to seamlessly lift the game vault and lower it back down to your ideal height is a feature you may not think much of now - but wait till you start using it, and you’ll be glad you have it!

Intuitive Dining-to-Gaming Conversion

Most people who are investing in a gaming table are looking for something versatile. A premium-quality gaming table isn’t cheap. That’s why you need to justify the purchase by also using it as a dining room table - where you, your family, and your friends can congregate for any purpose. Whether you’re getting some work done from home, helping the kids with homework, sharing a few drinks and snacks with friends, or of course, gaming.

gaming to dining conversion

But - the ideal playing surface for gaming is certainly not the ideal playing surface for dining. That’s why you need to be able to effortlessly transition the table from a dining table to a gaming table. With the Dresden Board Game Table, you simply fold and remove the table topper. Put it somewhere out of the way (ideally, store it in our awesome table leaf storage accessory!). After removing the dining table top, a stunning felt playing surface with individualized player stations is revealed. When you’re wrapping up for the night, simply put the table top back on - and enjoy breakfast the following morning!

Dungeon Master Shelf

One of the most common questions we get here at Bandpass Design is - what do you need to playing D&D? Of course, you need the basics - like your rulebook/players guide, the Dungeon Master screen, dice, and all the other essentials.

dungeon master shelf

One thing the Dungeon Master needs, though, is a functional place to set their screen up and host the evening’s festivities. That’s where the Dungeon Master Shelf comes in. This awesome gaming setup shelf can even be used elsewhere on the table to hold snacks, drinks, you name it. It’s worth adding if you’re going to customize your own game table. 

Felt or Cloth Playing Surfacing

Once you’ve gamed on a true board gaming table - with a felt or cloth playing surface - you’ll never want to go back to playing on a wooden game table.

felt playing surface

Sure, these wood playing surfaces still get the job done. But - there’s something about the performance and aesthetic that authentic felt or cloth provides. Rolling dice and dishing out playing cards is just so much smoother on felt. And, the ability to choose your felt style and color is another touch that you will love about shopping at Bandpass Design. 

Card Holding Slots & Dice Bins

The final board gaming table feature we want to reference today is card holding slots & dice bins.

card slots and dice bins

And like some of the other features on this list, you won’t appreciate these fully until you need to use them. Being able to stick your cards into the slot and remain hands-free while still seeing everything you need is valuable. The same is true of being able to keep your dice tucked away neatly until you need them. These two features are integrated into each player station on our Dresden gaming table. We even offer dice bin covers if you want to create a flatter playing station.

Additional Features to Consider Along the Way

All 6 of these design features create a better playing experience for all who are fortunate enough to use the Dresden gaming table. They create more space for game components, which creates more space for the people seated at the table. And, let’s face it - many of these features are just plain awesome! The fact that you can brag to your friends about how intuitive and sophisticated your gaming table is is reason enough to invest in one today.

However, there are a few other features to consider when customizing a board game table. We cover many of these in the buying guide that we discussed in the introduction. However, we’ll summarize them for you below:

Number of Players the Table Accommodates

Perhaps the most important feature of any gaming table is the number of players it can accommodate. This should be one of the first things you consider. How many people do you typically have over for a game night, or for dinner & drinks? The last thing you want is to end up with everyone squished together because your table isn’t quite big enough. Or worse - someone has to sit in the corner or at a side table alone. Learn how to size a board game table properly in our blog for more information. And, make sure you pair each station with the best game table chair possible! This is something many overlook - as they dedicate all their focus and budget to the table itself. But, the seating situation is equally important.

Table Style & Wood Species

Another cool feature of our board gaming table is that you can customize your table style, wood species, and even the felt color/style. Whether you want something contemporary and minimalist or more mid-century modern - you can perfectly match your gaming table style with the existing aesthetic in your home. And, you can choose from a wide array of wood species - walnut, cherry, oak, you name it, we’ve got it. Read our blog post on choosing your gaming table wood if you’d like some inspiration.

Where to Start Your Search for the Perfect Board Game Table

That concludes our breakdown of the 6 most important gaming table design features to consider along your quest for the best. These are the features that people wish their table had - and when you buy your custom board game table at Bandpass Design, you get all these and much, much more! If you’re really looking for the most sophisticated, high-quality gaming dining table available, your search ends here. Start customizing your game table today so you can show off your new addition at the next game night!