Choosing the Right Board Game Table Shape: Round or Rectangle?

When choosing a gaming table, you’ll weigh so many different factors. The wood, the style, the size, etc. But, one of the most overlooked elements of choosing the right table is actually the board game table shape itself. And today, we’re going to break down all that you need to know to pick between a round table vs rectangle table for gaming table.

While both round table or rectangle tables for gaming have their unique pros and cons, there is an easy way to choose your ideal shape - and that’s what we’re hoping to help you with today. By the end of this article, you should feel confident in taking the next steps to choose your gaming table. Let’s not waste any more time - first and foremost, is choosing the right board game table shape even that important? Will rectangular game tables outperform circular game tables, or vice versa? Let’s discuss.

Why Choosing the Right Board Game Table Shape Matters

At the start of this discussion, we mentioned that the gaming table shape is one of the most overlooked aspects of picking the perfect table. Why? Well, most people just assume circular and rectangular gaming tables more or less do the exact same thing. And it’s true - they both serve as a means for playing games on. You, your friends, and your family will create lifelong memories around the gaming table - no matter what shape it is.

However, this is a purchase want to get right the first time around. Gaming tables can get pretty expensive - especially if you’re going with a high-quality option. To really get the most out of your investment, you want your gaming table to integrate seamlessly into your existing space. Certain rooms are better suited for rectangular tables while others are better suited for circular tables. But above all else, you want a table you’re happy with. So, read on below as we help you determine whether you should go with a round table vs rectangle game table shape.  

Circular Board Game Table or Rectangular Board Game Table: Pros and Cons of Each

To truly help you pick the right gaming table shape, we’re going to look at the advantages of round tables vs rectangular game tables. Then, we’ll provide you with a few other insights to help you make the right pick. Let’s start by looking at some of the advantages of round game tables.

Advantages of the Round Game Tables

circular vs rectangular table


While round game tables are a bit less common than their rectangular counterparts, there is one huge advantage they offer: everyone at the table can easily see each other. Now, it’s true that you can see everyone at a rectangular table as well - but not quite in the manner that you would a round table. This creates a more intimate setting where everyone can make eye contact. Conversations are easier to carry on, and your neck won’t get kinked from constantly turning to talk to the person next to you.

Now, it’s important to note one key detail about round game tables - they really only work well for small, intimate gatherings. Why? Because the larger the table is, the more wasted space in the middle. And, you’ll have to practically shout across the table to be heard. You’d need a pretty big room to accommodate a round table that can seat 8-12 people. This leads us into the next section - the advantages of rectangular game tables.

Advantages of Rectangular Game Tables

rectangular game tables

The main advantages of rectangular game tables include accessibility and practicality. The reality is that rectangular game tables are far more common than their circular alternative. That means you’ll have an easier time finding your dream table in a rectangular shape. And, they’re just far more practical - seating more people with less wasted space. Think about it like this - the room you want to place this table in is probably rectangular (most dining rooms are, and most gaming tables double as a dining table). So, your rectangular gaming table will fit seamlessly in the space. A round table may look off, and may not fit the way you’d like it to comfortably. 

So, What is the Ideal Board Game Table Shape: Round or Rectangle? 

Just based on the previous section you may already start to see which game table shape best suits you. Most of the time, rectangular game tables are the right choice. However, if you want a circular game table, chances are, you’ll be able to find one of those as well. But to really help you make the perfect pick the first go around, there are just two factors to consider: your space and your preferences.

Consider the Space You’re Placing it in

The biggest determinant of whether you should go with a round table or rectangle table is the space you’ll be putting it in. Do you have a basement or game room dedicated entirely to gaming? If so, you’ll have a bit more flexibility in choosing your game table shape. 

However, most of our customers use their gaming table as both a place to play games and eat meals - so, it goes in the dining room. Consider the shape of your dining room and envision both a round table and a rectangle table in it. Which makes more sense from a practicality standpoint? Which one do you think will simply look better? Go with your gut.

Your Personal Preferences Matter, Too

The other factor that dictates whether you’re best suited with a round table or rectangle table is your personal preferences. Do you want to create a more intimate setting? A round game table may be the right choice for you. Are you more interested in a traditional game setting where everyone has someone directly across from them? Stick with a rectangular gaming table. 

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Board Game Table

circular or rectangular table for gaming

As you can see, there is no right or wrong answer to the ideal board game table shape: round or rectangle tables alike can serve their purpose wonderfully. It just comes down to the room you plan on putting your table in, your personal preferences, and what you can actually find. Keep in mind that because circular gaming tables are less common, they’re not as easy to find.

We hope this breakdown has helped you choose the board game table shape: round or rectangle. But, the shape of your game table isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when shopping or customizing your table. Here are a few other factors to consider besides the round table or rectangle table aspect…

Choose Your Wood Wisely

As we discussed in our article covering the best types of wood for gaming tables, you have plenty of options here:

  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • White oak
  • Maple

Each of these offers a unique aesthetic. But, which is right for you? Again - consider your room. You want a wood species that matches the rest of the aesthetic. Or, create some contrast by pairing a dark wood with a light room. That’s where your own unique personal style preferences come into play.

Table Size Matters, Too

Perhaps the most important factor of all is the size of your table. After all, you want a game table that can accommodate all your friends and family members - without being too tight. You don’t want people feeling claustrophobic when you host board game night! This begs the question - what size board game table do I need? Here’s a simple breakdown of how many players each Dresden board game table size can accommodate: 

  • The Dresden Standard (78” x 52”):  Up to 6 players
  • The Dresden XL (90” x 52”): Up to 8 players
  • The Dresden Battleground (96” x 52”): Up to 8 players

Don’t Forget About Your Chairs

One of the most important elements of building your dream game table actually has nothing to do with the table itself - it’s the chairs you pair it with. So many people dedicate their entire budget and focus toward the game table itself. But if player seating is uncomfortable - or doesn’t mesh well with the aesthetic of your table - you won’t be doing your new table justice. Carefully consider the different types of game table chairs and make the right choice.

Unique Design Elements & Accessories

Finally, consider all the different design elements and accessories when shopping for your table. When you buy a board game table here at Bandpass Design, you get awesome features such as: 

  • Simple conversion from dining to gaming
  • Individual player stations with dice bins, drink holders, and card slots
  • Game vault lift to raise or lower the playing station
  • Felt playing surface
  • Various table styles to choose from
  • Dungeon Master shelves 
  • Dice bin covers
  • And much, much more.

Our ultimate board game table buying guide is a must-read for anyone on the hunt for the perfect table. We’ll guide you through the entire process of customizing a table that you’re proud to show off. 

Final Thoughts on the Ideal Board Game Table Shape: Round vs Rectangle

What is the ideal board game table shape: round or rectangular? At this point, you know that each has its unique advantages and use cases. But, the rectangular gaming table is typically more versatile and practical for most people. You’ve also learned the different aspects of getting the perfect game table - besides the game table shape itself. We hope this guide has helped you gain clarity on your ideal choice between the round table vs rectangle table for gaming - so, head over to Bandpass and start customizing your table to perfection!