Different Types of Tables to Accent Your Home Design

The focal point of nearly any room in your house is the table. It's the one item that brings people together and is the center of activity. Whether you buy a board game table, coffee table, dining table, or end table, you can enjoy any types of tables for years to come. Many people create wonderful memories with friends and family around the table.

A good table is sturdy and well-made, with a finish that withstands heavy use and shows little obvious wear. While it is possible to buy a generic stock table in any store, the best types of tables are custom tables such as dining room tables or bedside table. Below, we look at different types of tables that range from a console table to a dining room table, coffee tables, and accent table.

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Styles of Board Game Tables

board game table

A board gaming table is a multi-use console table that provides the perfect playing area made exactly for your gaming needs. Board game tables can be simultaneously used as dining room tables, patio tables, coffee tables, or decorative tables. Or you can use them exclusively for board games, card games, or other recreational activities. Different styles of board game tables include

Console Table

Console tables are usually slender, long tables that people place in their entryway or hallway. However, they are versatile pieces of furniture that you can place nearly anywhere in your home. Console tables and end tables can double as card tables or smaller board game tables. A console table can accommodate two to four players.

Puzzle Table

A puzzle table is a surface used for easier puzzle assembly. It differs from other accessories such as caddies, plateaus, and pads in that it has both a flat surface and legs. You won't have to hunch over your puzzle or struggle to get the right angle and proximity. Most tables also have a storage area underneath the table surface.

Recessed Table

The main difference between a typical board game table and a recessed table is the recessed play area and felt table topper. The recessed tabletop helps to keep dice, cards, and other gaming items on the table. Recessed tables often feature under-table cross bracing to provide a strong, flat work surface. All outside edges are formed to provide smooth, rounded corners.

Multi-Use Tables

You may not have the room you need to accommodate a board game table. If so, you may benefit from a multi-use table. A multi-use table is a regular table that also acts as a board game table. For instance, you can make board game tables out of a coffee table, bedside table, dining table, accent table, or end tables. You can also have your table custom-designed to suit your gaming specifications room environment.

Styles of Coffee Tables

coffee table

Of the many types of tables available, one of the most common tables is the coffee table. Often used as the focal point of the living room or dining room, the coffee table comes in various materials, shapes, sizes, and styles of coffee tables.

A coffee table is a long, low table designed to be placed in front of (or next to) a sofa or upholstered chairs to support beverages, magazines, books, decorative objects, and other small items to be used while sitting, such as beverage coasters. If you are looking for a coffee table to accent your room, you can choose from numerous styles of coffee tables, including


You can find a coffee table in virtually any material, including metal, solid wood, glass, rattan, plastic, and acrylic. The most common material is wood. Versatile, warm, timeless, and rich, wood can be used in most shapes, styles, and sizes. Metal tables are the second most common type you’ll see while shopping. These are sturdy and can be lighter weight than traditional wood construction. Metal allows for thinner legs and support structure and can be crafted into surprising shapes.

Surface Material

The surface material of a coffee table is the part you’ll interact with daily. It is often the same material of which the table is largely constructed but can also contrast or compliment a distinctly different frame. Surface material can consist of metal, glass, wood, marble rattan, and leather.

Traditional, Contemporary, and Modern

Traditional coffee tables have a style reaching back through the last century with a timeless appeal. Contemporary is a broad term encompassing a range of stylistic designs - specifically the design of a particular period. Modern coffee table styles range from 20th-century designs such as Art Deco and Bauhaus to current coffee table styles. Tables often act as an accent table for your room design.

Niche Styles

Within the broad categories of traditional, contemporary, and modern styles lies more specific styles, also known as niches. Niche tables are living room tables or accent tables that fall within popular styles such as rustic, coastal, industrial, vintage, and novelty. These styles are for furniture lovers who see the coffee table as more than just a table. It is an artistic statement that enhances your room layout.

Styles of Dining Tables

dining room table

Dining Room tables mean different things to different people. For some, the table is the center of family life. Dinner is the family's highlight of the day. For others, the table is practical. Still, for others, the dining table is merely a decorative piece in the kitchen or dining room. As with other types of tables, the dining table comes in various styles, designs, shapes, and sizes.

When choosing the right dining table, there are a few things to consider. First, always buy a bigger table than you think is necessary. Second, leave three feet of clearance space around the table so that you have plenty of room. Also, if you are short on space, choose a round table. Last, don't be afraid to consider options outside of wood dining tables. Some popular styles of dining tables include

Farmhouse Dining Room Tables

A farmhouse table design is generally an expansive, warm, and welcoming option. This style is great for complementing rustic styles and makes for an extra cozy vibe. It adds a rugged, vintage-inspired touch to your dining room that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into an old country farmhouse, even if you live in a high-rise apartment. And, since farmhouse tables are usually made of rough, solid wood, they tend to be very sturdy.

Pedestal Dining Room Tables

Pedestal dining tables are generally composed of a wide table top sitting on a single solid leg in the middle. Some more contemporary options sit on two legs instead of one supporting pedestal. They are stylish, architectural, and just plain useful in a dining room. They come in a variety of styles and can blend in with an assortment of dining room designs.

Parsons Dining Room Table

A Parsons table is the perfect table for a super streamlined and contemporary style. There are many incarnations of its simple, balanced form, but this modernist style is always distinguished by clean angles and straight lines with absolutely no frills or ornamentation.

Trestle Dining Room Table

Trestle dining tables have a tabletop that sits upon two trestle supports. This timeless style was very popular in the Middle Ages, and the simple look is a natural fit in many dining rooms today. This style is portable and flexible; back in the Middle Ages, people didn’t have dedicated dining rooms, so dining tables had to be easy to take apart, transport, and reassemble. Trestle tables remain popular today because they’re sturdy, attractive, and great for hosting large groups.

Styles of End Tables

end table

End tables, or side tables, are small tables that are typically placed beside a chair, loveseat, or sofa. They provide a convenient platform for lighting, resting beverages, and storing books. Most people place end tables on each side of a couch or loveseat, spacing them an equal distance from each arm for a symmetrical appearance. Use mismatched end tables for a casual, asymmetrical look. For small, intimate conversation areas, center one end table between two chairs.

Before purchasing or arranging tables, decide how you need them to work for you. What will you use the table for? How much do you need to fit on the tabletop? Will there be a lamp on the table? Do you need storage? Be sure to match the scale of your end tables with the scale of the furniture and the room it’s in. Some types of tables to choose from include.

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables was a design fad that started in the 1980s. It is still good today, but the problem is while it looks like you get more functionality, you don’t. How often do you un-nest? Probably not often. The cost is no shelves/drawers or compartments below. So, while it looks highly functional, you may find that it has little functionality. However, nesting tables are great decorative pieces. If you want fashion over function, a nesting table may be your best option.

Trunk Tables

Trunk tables are also a popular choice. However, if you have piles of stuff on top of the table, accessing the trunk means moving all that stuff. Whenever you need to get inside, it’s a hassle. The big plus side is it offers a lot of great storage space. Like nesting tables, trunk tables may offer an aesthetic appeal and occasional function (storage) but may not be good for daily use. Trunk tables also provide flexibility in the style, as you can use actual trunks for tables if they have the right shape and match your current room layout.

Different Table Shapes

Like other tables, an end table can come in a wide range of shapes. The most popular shapes include round, square, rectangle, triangle, free-form, oval, and half-circle. Overall, a rectangle table is the most popular for table space. Clean lines with furniture such as tables are the design style of the day. Many people prefer rectangle tables over round tables. However, if your living room is more ornate, round can add a nice touch.

End Table Materials

Table materials include solid wood, metal, and glass. There’s plastic too. However, most people do not consider a plastic table unless the table is outside or in a recreational environment. Wood/manufactured wood is very popular. It’s probably your best choice for a table. You can avoid the wood look (if you don’t like that look) by buying a painted version. Tables come in an endless array of colors.

Bar Table

bar table

A bar table is generally used in the family room or patio as a spot to sit for drinks and conversation, depending on how much table space you need. There are many other ways to use a bar table. It can be used in the kitchen as a kitchen island for chopping and food preparation. A bar-height table generally measures in the 40- to 42-inch height range.

A counter-height table runs about 34 to 36 inches tall, and standard dining-height tables range from 28 to 30 inches tall. Pub height is considered 36" high and is sometimes called counter height also! Bar height tables are usually 42" high. Such a table would be 24" high from the floor to the top of the seat. Different types of tables include

Counter Tables

These tables look like conference room tables because they are rectangle-shaped and come with sturdy feet. They usually have sturdy metal frames and a solid wood top, and they come in various sizes and designs. Often, they are available in metal and wood materials that make them long-lasting, and they can even come with an antique finish. The main design aspect of a counter table is its rectangle shape and lengths that accommodate many people sitting or standing around them, much as you’d need for a meeting or a large family event.

Round Bar Table

These accent tables are very common in bars, and they consist of a round table that is roughly 24 inches in diameter and around 30 inches in height. They are made for people to stand around and chat with one another, not to sit around, so they are designed to be small in size. One of the main aspects that makes round bar tables unique is that they often come with a swivel top that turns in both directions and a foot pedal you can use to make the table either higher or lower.

Square Bar Table

As the name suggests, these types of tables are designed with a square structure, but they can come large or small, tall or short. There is a wide variety of designs when it comes to square pub tables. Whether you want them to be used as a way for people to set their drinks down while enjoying the atmosphere of the bar, or as a regular table used like other tables, with chairs included so that people can sit down and enjoy a meal if this is what they want, you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Dining Sets with Tables

3-piece dining sets accommodate customers without taking up too much floor space. Bars and pubs are intimate and smaller group-friendly, meaning patrons don’t like to be too far apart from one another when enjoying their drinks or listening to live music. These 3-piece pub sets are designed to be intimate but comfortable simultaneously, so their designs are accommodating to both of these characteristics.

Bedside Tables

bedside table

Similar to a nightstand, a bedside table is designed to be practical and hold the items you’re most likely to reach for while in bed. Bedside tables might not offer as much storage as nightstands, and some won’t offer any. However, bedside tables both add to the style of the room, come in many different shapes and sizes, and offer a variety of features.

A table can host lamps, alarm clocks, phones, drinks, remotes, books, and more. The storage drawers can keep items like medications, glasses, and reading materials stored neatly and make them easy to retrieve. As such, A bedside table can keep your bedroom from getting too cluttered. Types of tables that you can use beside your bed include.

Bedside Chests

Bedside chests (aka chest of drawers) typically have two or three drawers, making them especially useful for storing things out of sight. They also have a flat surface on top for the things you use right before dropping off to sleep. They differ from your typical dresser or chest of drawers, primarily in height. The top of a bedside chest should be level with, or a few inches higher than, your mattress.

Bedside Cabinets

Bedside cabinets are similar to chests in that they offer plenty of storage space. They may have a drawer or two (or not) in addition to a useful flat surface at or slightly above mattress level. What makes them unique is that they also have a handy cabinet with a door, which is useful for storing larger items.

Smart Tables

Smart tables incorporate features like outlets, wireless charging pads, USB ports, and Bluetooth speakers that make it easier to charge and use mobile electronic devices while in bed. Some also have motion-activated night lights, sleep aids like white noise machines and lights that simulate a sunrise, drawers that can be locked and unlocked via an app, and even refrigerated drawers. These high-tech nightstands come in a range of configurations, with various numbers of drawers and shelves.

'Desk' Tables

When placed next to your bed, a desk can double as a bedside table. It is an especially terrific option when bedroom space is limited. If your desk has drawers, consider dedicating one or more to storing things you use right before hitting the sack. A desk with wheels that doubles as a nightstand can be a huge space saver — and a major productivity booster as well. Not the prettiest, but it saves space and does the job.

Card Tables

playing cards on card table

Card tables are traditionally used for playing card games, board games, and other tabletop games. Due to their low cost and small storage size, they are frequently found in college apartments or additional seating for family meals or special occasions. Square card-table tops are generally 34 by 34 inches, rectangular ones are typically 48 by 92 inches, and most oval ones have long diameters measuring 48 inches. The standard size of a square card table is 36 inches.

When choosing a card table, you'll want to take the space in your home and the number of people you are hoping to fit around the table into consideration. It's also good to think about what you will be using the table for. Are you playing cards or a board game that requires people to reach toward the center? Some types of tables include

Square Folding Table

Folding tables are probably the most common type of card table that you will see people using. These tables are generally not too expensive, and you can easily store them in your house. The good thing about these folding tables is that they can be folded down so that you can tuck them away somewhere. This makes it nice and simple to put them in a closet where they will be out of the way until you need them again.

Round Folding Table

This type of card game table is pretty common and can be used for multiple purposes. This is a table that many people will buy just to have it set up on their patio. It works well for holding drinks and giving people a place to eat lunch outside, so it isn’t purely a card game table in any way. The same could be said of any of these folding tables, though. They are commonly used to play card games, but they’re really quite useful for multiple things. Round folding tables are popular because they are very compact.

Rectangle Folding Table

If you are going to try to host larger card game nights, it might be beneficial to purchase one of these rectangular folding tables. These folding tables are going to be much longer than any of the other folding table types. This gives you a significant amount of space that you can take advantage of during your card game. Being able to spread out a little bit feels nice, so you will like having the extra room.

Shopping for a table is a personal experience. Think about some of your best experiences and see if that taps into something you want to see in your own space. Creating satisfaction with your at-home table will have you looking forward to every experience between you and others.