Top 15 Must-Have Board Game Accessories

Does your gaming experience suffer from lack of table space, the same boring routine, or insufficient pieces? If so, it may be time for you to get some board game accessories. If you don't know where to start, below we list the top 15 best board game accessories around. Happy gaming!

1. Board Game Tables

board game table

When it comes to tabletop gaming, most people probably don't give much thought to the actual table they're playing on. But in reality, a good board game table is one of the best board game accessories. If your game table is too low or doesn't have enough room for game accessories and snacks, you're not likely to continue playing. With a game table in the room, however, you may not stop.

You can save a few bucks by using the old fold-up poker table that's in your basement. But if you're a serious gamer, a dedicated board game table is worth your consideration, whether you like Dungeons and Dragons or more tactile games like Catan. Many have built-in features that'll make players more comfortable, like cup holders, drawers, dice trays, and so on. Some even include matching chairs and other board game accessories, so everything looks uniform.\

2. Lighting

Game room lighting can affect gameplay, setting the mood with the right ambiance when playing a board game. As such, it is also among the best board game accessories. You may find that your room is too dim, or there is a glare on cards or the board for some people at the table. The best lighting for gaming spaces usually involves diffused, indirect light.

Bouncing light off the ceiling or going for big bright panels above your gaming area can create light that will be perfect for board gaming and limit the amount of glare. The option to dim your lights is very important as you can adjust the brightness of your lights for different board game settings. There are several options to choose from bright LED lights to soft bulbs. Options include ceiling, wall, table, or floor lamps.

3. Storage

board game shelf

The biggest challenge you will ever face regarding board games is wondering where to put all those games. The only real downside to your hobby, especially compared with digital games, is the sheer physical space an expansive board game collection can take up. Once you have more than a handful of games, you need to consider what the best board game storage solution for your home might be.

Some companies make inexpensive products specifically designed to cradle your board games and keep them safe. Still, more generic bookcases, shelving units, and coffee table storage solutions give you some more versatile ways to store your games. Whether you have a massive collection and are in desperate need of maximizing your board game storage or want somewhere to put your favorite games where they're within easy reach, there is a storage solution for you!

4. Inserts

Whoever thought of board game inserts was someone obsessed with organization. Or maybe they got tired of loading and unloading the board game pieces every time. Either way, board game inserts give you a way to either enhance or organize your game pieces so that you can quickly pull out or put up your game without too much worry.

You can buy custom board game inserts or choose some pre-cut inserts specifically for your board games. On game night, you spend more time playing the game with your friends or family than you are setting up and breaking down. If you are the creative type, you can find the supplies you need to build your board game inserts.

5. Boxes

Is your current board game box damaged or worn out? If so, it is possible to get either a plain or designer board game box to keep all of your board game pieces organized. Deep box game savers hold the playing board and all the game accessories to current editions. The box is big enough to hold taller or larger pieces, so there is plenty of room for the entire game.

Shallow board game boxes store board games that have smaller or flat pieces and a full game board. Examples of board games the box will hold include Clue, Sorry, Parcheesi, Stratego, Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, and Charades. Junior size game boxes hold games that only contain a few player pieces. An example would be a card or dice game with a tiny board. It is perfect for smaller board games that you carry around wherever you go.

6. Upgrades

The world of board games is more advanced than ever. Gamers are no longer satisfied with a one-off version of a board game on game night. For this reason, one of the most popular game accessories is board game upgrades. There are essentially three different types of upgrades for board games.

First, there is a new game version containing the initial game concept but adds to it with more features. Second, there is a continuation of the original concept - an entirely new adventure that players can embark on. Third, the designers upgrade the game board pieces, giving the game a fresh new look. Many times, they additional accessories to the game to make it more fun.

7. Game Mat

Whatever game you are using, game mats add to the gaming experience on game night, allowing the players to visualize the space their characters are in, measure distances more accurately, and add a certain level of finesse to your gaming sessions. It's a great way to expand your perception of the game world, which typically leads to more creative options. 

The most important aspect you should be looking for in a game mat is flexibility; you can use it for different types of games and scenarios. Durability is also important, as you need something that can survive constantly being pulled out and played on. Most mats come on chipboard, cardboard, or thick laminated cardstock. Be careful with folding cardstock as they don't like to lay flat and get creases that prevent terrain and miniatures from sitting on the board.

8. Board Game Backpack

One of the best game night tips for any hardcore gamer is to invest in a durable board game backpack or travel bag. As any gamer can tell you, You can't just put board games in any old bag, or damage could occur in transit. And despite them being fragile, they usually aren't small or light. Fortunately, there are bags specifically designed according to the peculiarities of board games.

There is a wide selection of board game bags on the market. Each of them allows you to tote multiple board games at once. A backpack is ideal if you are going on a trip or playing multiple games throughout the week. Most backpacks come with pockets and pouches so that you can store your board game accessories.

9. Paper Money

Some of the best board game accessories you are already using, but you may need additional pieces or alternatives. For instance, you can never have enough money. Fortunately, you can get paper money for tabletop games that you already play on game nights. For instance, it is possible to get money refills for games like Life and Monopoly.

It is also possible to get fully customizable paper money that acts as one of your most-used game components regardless of the game. Paper money comes in handy if you have any lost pieces and need some quick replacements. Plus, paper money works with most games that you already have.

10. Poker Chips

If you're regularly running a poker game night at home, everyone you invite will expect to play with poker chips. They're almost as important as a new deck of cards for your game to run smoothly and help players get in the zone. But finding the best poker chips for your particular setup is a challenge of its own. You have to think primarily about what kind of a game you're running (tournament or cash game), as this will help you determine what kind of poker chip values your needs.

Then, you also need to consider the number of players and how many actual chips you need to have handy. Once you've figured these things out, you need to decide what kind of quality you're happy with. From very simple and low-quality plastic ones to beautiful ceramic poker chips, the range of options will help you find the best that suits you the most.

11. Dice Tray

When you roll dice and a few fall off the table, it can be annoying on game night, especially if it happens too many. It halts momentum while someone has to bend down and fish around to retrieve them. So, whether you are playing tabletop RPGs or board games, a dice tray is one of the best board game accessories to have. Dice trays keep dice rolls contained. Never again will dice roll off the table, forcing players to retrieve them and re-roll them. Even the smallest disruption can derail the momentum or enthusiasm of a board game or tabletop RPG.

A dice tray dampens the clacking of dice. For some, the sound of dice clicking around can only be described as grating. Dice rolling trays offer protection. If you're thinking of shelling out cash for high-end dice, you're going to want to protect that investment. A dice tray looks and feels good. It's nice to have a dedicated space for rolling dice on game nights.

12. Dice Towers

A dice tower is a simple machine that can take the tension out of any game and add the excitement players need for a more memorable game night. And while making your dice tower at home can be a fun activity to do, for people who don't have that much time to spare, buying one online or from a physical gaming store could be the best option for them.

There is a variety of dice towers you can buy. The price, design, and material of towers make them a cool choice for any board gamer looking for a way to spice up their game sessions. Plus, they may add some flare to your space. You can use a dice tower for war games, card games, or other games. If you have specific games that require dice, a tower will fit into nearly any scenario.

13. Metal Dice and Metal Coins

Of all the playing pieces on your board, some of the coolest and best board game accessories are metal dice and metal coins. They can easily spice up the game night while giving you more options for playing your game. In addition, dice and coins take up little space. Of all the pieces on your board, they also provide easy storage. Simply play your game, have fun, and store the dice or coins when you are finished.

Dice have another advantage. They are heavier and have more uniform faces. They don't roll as far as plastic, which may seem less random, but rolling or shaking them in your hand is the real source of randomness in dice. When you play with metal game pieces, you simply feel more awesome during gameplay. You can also carry your metal coins or dice in a bag, making it easier to tote them to the game or match site.

14. Card Holders

Many people find it difficult to hold cards in one hand and play with the other. Whether the difficulty arises from undeveloped dexterity or neuro-muscular damage, the benefits of playing cards are countless. Using a playing card holder is a simple way to keep children and adults in the game. When choosing the best card holders consider where you are cards, which you will be playing cards with, and the type of holder material you want to hold in your hand.

You will also want to consider how many cards you want to display and any physical limitations you or someone else may have. The card holder is the one that the user feels comfortable with. Reducing players' frustration when they can't hold the cards will bring peace to your play time. Equally, reducing shoulder, arm, elbow, and hand pain will return energy and laughter to the event.

15. Cardboard Tokens

Cardboard tokens are a world unto themselves with endless designs and concepts. Many people create cardboard tokens to liven gameplay. Tokens are awesome on nearly any game site as long as everyone has decided to use them. If so, then you have different options to choose from.

Best of all, personalized tokens are inexpensive. So, you do not have to worry about spending a lot of money. Simply come up with a design concept and gather all of your supplies. You may find that making tokens is just as fun as participating in the game.