Are Board Game Tables Worth It? 7 Benefits of Owning a Gaming Table

Are you pondering the possibility of buying a board game table? This is a great decision that will enhance the way you and your crew make memories while gaming. 

You may be wondering, though - are board game tables worth it? In our opinion, they’re one of the best investments you can make in your home if you’re a gaming enthusiast. Just ask anyone who owns one of these if they regret buying theirs - you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who does!

The benefits of board game tables are vast. From allowing you to keep games set up between sessions to offering a more seamless playing experience on a lowered felt surface, individual player stations complete with cup holders, and a whole lot more. Below, you’ll discover 7 reasons you need a gaming table in your life.

Are Board Game Tables Worth It? Here are 7 Reasons Any Gamer Can Benefit From Owning One

Are board game tables worth it? There’s no question that a quality board game table is a big purchase. But it’s undoubtedly one worth making - and by the time you finish reading the sections to follow, you’ll see why.

Let’s start with one of the biggest advantages of owning a board game table - the ability to keep games set up between sessions. 

Keep Games Set up Between Sessions

Are Board Game Tables Worth the money

Maybe you’re building a living room dining room combo and only plan on having one table in your house - which will be used for both gaming and dining. Or, maybe you’ve got kids running around the house and don’t want to risk them getting their hands on small figurines or interrupting the progress of a complicated campaign.

Either way, the ability to safely keep games set up between sessions is one of the biggest benefits of owning a board game table. This is particularly beneficial for long-winded strategy-based games you don’t finish in one sitting - or other types of tabletop RPGs you don’t want to constantly set up and take down. For example, if you’re the standing dungeon master, you don’t have to worry about constantly preparing and taking down your dnd setup.

Simply pull the dining table top back over your gaming station, and remove it the next time you’re ready for action. This is great for puzzlers out there, too! And, this is just the first of many reasons we believe board game tables are worth it. Many people ultimately end up pulling the trigger and buying theirs for this next reason…

Individual Player Stations Enhance the Experience With Cup Holders, Card Slots, and More

There’s nothing like the experience of gaming at a table equipped with individual player stations. This enhances the gaming experience for you and anyone who has the pleasure of taking part in one of your game nights. 

The specific features of player stations vary from brand to brand, but ours offers a card slot, 2 counter/chit holders, cup holders, and dice bins. All of this contributes to a more enjoyable playing experience as everyone has ample space, with room for additional snacks or notebooks!

We’ve all experienced the frustration of game night being interrupted by spilled drinks. You can make that concern a thing of the past, as having designated cup holders within the table helps mitigate those occurrences so things run smoothly. 

Speaking of things running smoothly, let’s talk about what a difference playing on felt makes in your gameplay…

Felt Surface Creates More Seamless Gameplay 

Trying to pick up cards on a hardwood table is frustrating - especially for those of us with short nails. And, dice bounce wildly. That’s why game tables feature a felt surface. It allows for more seamless gameplay - with some players reporting that picking up cards is 10 times easier. 

It’s the little things like this that make board game tables worth it. If you play often enough, you deserve to enjoy the best gaming experience possible - and this specific feature is just another example of why diehard board gaming enthusiasts all agree that game tables are a worthy investment. 

No More Dice, Figurines, or Cards Falling Off the Table

Playing on a traditional table leads to countless occurrences of dice bouncing onto the floor and having to reroll. Or, losing cards on the ground and not even realizing it until you discover it later that night. Figurines falling on the floor is something you’ve probably experienced during your travels with certain RPGs.

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of a board game table - the lowered playing surface. This eliminates these frustrating occurrences described above once and for all. Similar to the felt surface you’re playing on, this creates the most seamless playing experience possible. And, many players report that the viewing angle of a lowered playing surface is superior to a standard table as well!

Use Your Table as Additional Storage When You’re Not Gaming

We mentioned at the start of this section that you can leave games set up when you’re not gaming. But, if you don’t need to do that, then the playing surface can serve as storage for your favorite games if necessary. 

Sure - some households need to invest in a board game display shelf to store all their games. But if there are a few games you play more often than others, you can keep those nearby in storage under the dining table top.

Earn Bragging Rights in Your Group of Friends

How great would it be to boast the best game night set up in your entire crew? To be the host of the home everyone looks forward to playing at? With a quality table dedicated to gaming, this is possible. You can earn bragging rights in your group of friends, which for some of us, is reason enough to buy a game table!

Add a Unique Aesthetic to Your Home

When you get the right gaming table for your home, it adds a unique aesthetic that you didn’t know you were missing until you saw it. 

This is something that we make really easy here at Bandpass Design. Because we offer a variety of design styles (like mid-century modern, shaker, Danish modern, and many more), creating the table of your dreams is easy. You can even choose specific types of wood to craft your table from. 

And the best part? You’re able to save space and money with the addition of this table in your home…

Save Space and Money With a Multi-Functional Gaming & Dining Table

Those who are tight on space are familiar with the need for multi-functional furniture for small spaces. And, one of the most incredible pieces of innovative furniture for those who constantly entertain guests is a multi-functional gaming and dining table.

You can use the table for all your meals, studying, you name it. Then when it’s time to play games with friends or family, remove the tabletop to reveal a stunning board game playing table underneath. The conversion from dining to gaming, then back to dining, is effortless - so you can host guests for dinner and games all in one night! 

So, Yes - Board Game Tables are Worth the Money (With This One Caveat)

benefits of board game tables

So, yes - board game tables are worth it. That should be well established now that you’ve read some of the many benefits of board game tables. However, there is one important caveat here that you need to keep in mind. These types of tables are only worth it if you get the right one.

Not all tables are created equal. You probably realize that already. So - who can you trust to exceed your expectations with a board game table for your home? Look no further than Bandpass Design. We’ve designed the Dresden to be the best board gaming dining table in the industry. 

It will transform the way you play board games and host guests. It’s truly the best of both worlds in a gaming and dining table. It’s expertly crafted by hand using the finest materials and unparalleled attention to detail - ensuring a stunning masterpiece you’re proud to show off. Once you start making memories with friends and family around the Dresden, you’ll know you made the right choice.

So - head over and start customizing yours today and see what you’ve been missing out on all these years!

Wrapping Up Our Discussion on the Benefits of Board Game Tables

So are board game tables worth the money? After all, a quality gaming table isn’t cheap. But by now, you should see why this is one of the best investments you can make in your home and hobbies. It will take the amazing experiences you have with your closest friends and family to a whole new level. Whether you play the best board games of all time, standard deck card games, or even host a poker night regularly - the table you play on makes all the difference. 

If you’re looking for more information on how to choose the right table, you can explore our blog. You’ll learn how to pick a dining room table, choose your game table size, and even which game table chairs are best for your home! 

We’re to elevate your game-playing experience through luxury game tables and in-depth informational resources. Start experiencing your favorite games as they were intended with a new board game table!