The Dresden Gaming Table

The Dresden Gaming Table

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New orders are closed until the end of the year so our production team can enjoy the holidays. Be sure to reach out via email or our Discord channel for any questions you may have about The Dresden.

The Dresden is a culmination of our years of experience with game table design and production. It's optimized to offer the best experience with the highest quality at a balanced price. 

Visit our Style Packages Page to get the Dresden that's right for you.

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There's a lot of lingo we have to use to communicate the specifications of our table. We'll include some definitions.

1. Game Vault: The game vault is the recessed gaming space in the center of the Dresden. Our original plan was for a 36" x 60" game vault but after some play testing we determined that 36" x 54" was pretty ideal.

2. Gaming Area: The gaming area is the total area of the table under the dining tops. This includes the game vault and what we call "Top Sides" and "Bread Board Ends". The Top Sides are the bamboo plates that run lengthwise and include the "player stations" (those areas with card slots, counter/chit holders, cup holders, and dice bins). The Bread Board Ends are the bamboo plates that span the width of the table at the ends. The Dresden's gaming area is 49 1/8" x 69 3/16".

3. Dining Surface: The dining surface is composed of three 1" thick panels of solid hardwood. Each panel is 26" wide by 52" long. When they're all butted together on edge to form the dining surface, the total dining surface is 52" x 78".  (FYI when discussing dimensions for hardwood "rectangles" width always refers to the dimension across the grain and length always refers to the direction with the grain).

4. Gaming Height: The gaming height is the distance from the floor to the top surface of the gaming area. The Dresden's gaming area is 29 3/8" from the floor.

5. Dining Height: The dining height is the distance from the floor to the top surface of the dining surface. The Dresden's dining surface is 30 3/8" from the floor.

6. Leg Gap: The leg gap is the distance from the floor to the bottom edge of the table. It's the space your chair and legs fit under. The Dresden's leg gap is 25".

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Every Dresden comes with the same feature set built right in.

Player Stations

Player stations are the sections of the table designed to host a player. The Dresden is sized for 6 players and 6 player stations are included. Each player station includes a card slot, 2 counter/chit holders, and a cup holder. Each player also has access to a dice rolling bin. Player stations at the ends include their own while player stations on the sides share one.

Dice bins are framed in solid walnut to add a little contrast. Our prototype (shown in the images above) includes dice bins lined with leather in the bottom. It's a little luxurious but ultimately impractical. If chits or cards and the like are placed in there, the leather makes it very difficult to pick them up. For "real" Dresden orders we'll line the dice bins with the velveteen you select for your inset.

Our player stations are optimized to position you with easy access to the game vault while providing ample space for your game components. There's even enough room at the corners for a bowl or plate of food. 

Game Vault

The Game Vault is the recessed gaming surface in the middle of the table. Our vault is 3 1/4" deep, 36" wide, and 54" long. 

Vault Lift

Though the fabric inset is optional every Dresden table includes installation of 10 threaded brass sleeves around the inside vertical face of the vault perimeter. 10 brass pins are also included. Once the pins are installed (you just screw them right into the sleeves), you can drop the fabric inset onto them and "lift" your inset to effectively reduce your vault depth to 1/4". It's a small feature but it's a nice configuration for card games and puzzle building. 


The traditional elements common to every dining table are fabricated from solid hardwood. This includes the external aprons, the legs, the corner braces (hidden inside the corners of the table, these braces help secure the leg to the aprons), and the dining top panels. Though Walnut is our most popular option we can also make the Dresden from Cherry, Maple, and White Oak.

We use bamboo ply for the internal game area components of the Dresden. The Top Sides, Breadboard Ends, and the vertical walls of the game vault are made from 3/4" thick bamboo ply. The vault bottom is made from 1/2" bamboo ply. 


Fabric Inset

Our fabric inset is optional and not a fixed feature of the table. 

The inset is double sided. On one face, stretch velveteen is adhered to the 5/8" thick plywood substrate. On the other face, we adhere 1/4" closed cell foam then wrap and staple speed cloth. The edges of the inset are finished with hardwood trim to match your table and leather straps are added for convenience. The total thickness of the fabric inset is about 1" so including it in your vault will reduce the available vault depth to 2 1/4."

We haven't really limited our fabric options yet. When we do, you can find pics here. We might even manage a really neat hipster-y photo set with swatches on bamboo.  Until then, please visit our suppliers' websites for available options. You can even order some samples if you're so inclined. [Stretch Velveteen] [Un-suited Speed Cloth]

Style Packages

We dig the mid century look achieved with our first Dresden table. It fits in nicely with MCM interiors but it also works well in urban-modern decor. If it's not your jam you might be interested to know that we can build this table with different leg styles and different dining top profiles. Visit our Style Packages page to review our style options. You can choose any of these packages at checkout.


We really want to keep sizing changes to a minimum but if you want a Dresden at a custom height/width/length feel free to make a request via email or chat with us in discord. If we can come up with something that works for you please be aware that a customization fee will be applied. 

How it all works


We accept payment directly through the site via Stripe and PayPal. We don't accept cash, money order, or personal check. Any credit card or debit card (with a credit card logo on it) can be used. The total balance due is required "up-front."


Once payment is received you can expect to have your Dresden delivered within 10-12 weeks. Disruptions may occur based on shipping timelines from our vendors but we're limiting the number of tables available for purchase to prevent a backlog. Eventually, we'll be able to produce tables directly into inventory. When we get to that point, you could expect your table in as little as two weeks.


Delivery is handled by a freight carrier. The Dresden is securely packed into a palletized cardboard box and ships mostly via tractor-trailer. We insure the delivery and pay for the negative space above the box so that nothing is stacked on top of it. Once it makes it to a warehouse you can expect a call from the carrier to schedule a time for delivery. At (ish) that time, the carrier usually shows up in a box truck.

Delivery charges across the country from our location don't differ by much so we charge a fixed rate at $400. If the expense increases or decreases we'll simply update that rate and change this text.

Local deliveries will always be made, by us, at no cost. You can select local delivery at check out. Yeah, we're going to check so if you try and sneak free delivery we'll send you a separate invoice or cancel your order. No hard feelings though. I like to be naughty sometimes too. [Monopoly reference redacted]