Changes Aplenty!

It's been a busy year...

We have a lot to catch up on! Bandpass has been on the move this year. Hard at work making changes to our customer experience, moving to a bigger shop space, and developing new products. Follow along to see our latest addition to The Dresden, released today!

Customize The Dresden

To start off the year, we finished the renovation of our website and added a brand new way to browse the many customization options of The Dresden.

Within The Dresden Customizer, you can select all the available sizes, wood species, fabrics, and style packages and see your selections reflected in the 3D model. You'll also find important dimensions listed here, along with some additional info about the different woods we offer.

Finally, when you've found the perfect combination you can share your build with your friends and get their input (unless your friends have bad taste of course).

New Shop Space!

In March, we found a perfect space for us to grow into in Edmonds, WA! This new shop space features a layout that allows us to have designated areas for profiling the wood, assembling tables, finishing tables, and packing the tables for shipment. This new space enabled us to get very organized and streamline the processes of assembly to decrease build time.

Along with the space, we've had the opportunity to purchase a new planer and plunge router. These new tools give us the ability to be more precise and reduce chip out and snipe in our wood, which leads to more efficiency with materials and a better end product.

A dedicated finish booth enabled us to upgrade the finish we use to conversion varnish, increasing the life and durability of our tables and making it easier to maintain.

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Bin Covers!

You asked for it in our Discord server, and we had to deliver. The Dresden dice bin covers offer additional space and functionality to the table at a low cost. They have a magnet installed in the center which allows for easy removal. Simply place the magnet tool on top and lift the cover off to unveil the Dice Bin!

There are many fun ways to utilize the Bin Covers. If you're playing a game where vault real estate is needed for the board, you can put the Bin Covers on and use that space for decks of cards or player boards. The Bin Covers also offer a solution to any tabletop RPG where you need space to write or place a book. There are also many creative ways to utilize them, such as a DM using the dice bin as a locked chest which the players unlock when given the key.

The Dresden Dice Bin Covers are available in the shop today!

We have many exciting projects on the horizon. Stay in touch with us to be in the loop on all things Bandpass. As always, reach out to us at with any questions and Join our Discord to be a part of our awesome community.