Catching up with Bandpass

On The Grind

In 2022, we saw the full integration of Garrett into our team. This meant creating a new, more efficient workflow and finding time to dream about what else we can make. It's a big challenge to add another worker into the flow of a wood shop, and we're really proud of what we have going on.

We spent last year focusing on battling our BBEG, the lead times. Though it's been a tough fight, we've continued honing our craft to be a little faster without sacrificing quality. Our goal remains to shorten lead times in 2023.

Community Growth

We saw a steady flow of new members to our Discord server last year, and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations and company it provided to us. Our server has evolved over time to be a place where folks discuss more than The Dresden. We have a channel for tech talk, miniature painting, drinks, and more. It has become our favorite place to hang out, and remains as a hub for asking questions to Dresden Owners about their experiences with the table so far.

We decided to participate in the holiday sales last year and hosted a giveaway, which was a lot of fun! We created a prototype Mini Dresden and also hid a secret discount code for 20% off within the giveaway details. Unsurprisingly, the code didn't last very long. @Mushoku was the lucky winner of the Mini Dresden. We look forward to more community engagement this year!

Price Update

We won't bury the lead here, unfortunately we are going to need to raise the price of The Dresden.

We have been resistant to raising the cost of The Dresden as long as we could, however over the course of 2022 we saw price increases in all of our wood, screws, finish, fabrics, and shipping costs. Ultimately it just isn't a cost we can eat entirely, therefore we will be raising the cost of the base table for each size. The standard Dresden will be increased by $200, the XL by $300, the Battleground by $400, and the Eolian by $100.

These price changes will not go into effect until April 1st, 2023. We want to give anyone who is on the fence a chance to purchase at the current price.

What's Next?

This year our goal is to mitigate the lead times as much as we can. Depending on how the year progresses we may release a new product or two. Let us know what you think of the Mini Dresden prototype in Discord.