Terms & Conditions


Website Content

Any content we produce and add to our website is protected under copyright law. However, our budget to defend it is $0. Please try to credit us with any content from our site you may use. 


Refunds will only be processed in full for product determined to include manufacturing defects though we will offer a replacement at no additional costs. There are no other conditions for which a refund will be processed.

Examples of conditions for which no refund will be processed include but aren't limited to:

  • Product damaged by shipping. Damage of this nature allows for a return and replacement of product. Shipping damage must be determined upon delivery and the delivery must be rejected. You cannot take possession of the delivery. We'll get started on your replacement immediately and process the insurance claim with the carrier on our end.
  • Product that doesn't fit in your ideal space or cannot pass through your delivery pathway. We will provide detailed and accurate dimensions for each of our products. It is the consumer's responsibility to ensure that the product fits in their space.
  • Unexpected color or grain. Any product made from wood will have less than 25% sapwood on all combined "primary" surfaces. Primary surfaces are defined as the regularly exposed surfaces. Additionally, wood color will be consistent with the acceptable color range for any given wood species and will never be artificially changed with stain or dye. Refunds requested based on color or grain will not be processed.
  • Used product.
  • Product damaged by the consumer or by any other means under their ownership.
  • Regret. There is no grace period for buyer's remorse and no refunds will be processed. 

We're a really small company and this won't be a "rags-to-riches" story, but it might be a "rags-to-kinda-better-rags" story. We have the ability to make great high-quality furniture but we just don't have the financial power to eat a refund for silly reasons. We apologies for any inconvenience this policy may cause but it is very necessary. 

Shipping Payments

Shipping costs are not included in the purchase price but it is added at check out for non-local delivery to states in the continental US. We're using a flat-rate of $300. If delivery costs exceed our ability to safely cover it through the flat-rate we may increase the flat-rate.

International shipping will include a surcharge of 15% added to the carrier's price to cover the additional business expenses associated with managing international delivery (unless we find a carrier that makes this really easy). A standard packaging solution has been designed for our products. If this solution does not meet the requirements for international shipping an additional charge for a custom crating solution may be issued. A credit will be applied to any custom crating charges to cover the standard packaging costs included by the retail price.

If you live in a location that qualifies for free local delivery there will be no charge for that delivery. We'll load it up, drive it to you, unload it, and set it up for free.