The Dresden Gaming Table

The Dresden Gaming Table

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The Dresden is a culmination of our years of experience with game table design and production. It's optimized to offer the best experience with the highest quality at a balanced price. 

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Production is open, though limited for 2019. If you’re ready to acquire The Dresden consider providing your information to our waitlist.

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There's a lot of lingo we have to use to communicate the specifications of our table so here’s what it means.

1. Game Vault: The recessed gaming space in the center of the Dresden is 36" x 54" and ideal for several games..

2. Gaming Area: This includes the Game Vault and the Player Stations (card slots, counter/chit holders, cup holders, and dice bins). The Dresden's gaming area is 49 1/8" x 69 3/16".

3. Dining Surface: The total dining surface is 52" x 78" and is composed of three 1" thick panels of solid hardwood with each panel being 26" wide by 52" long.

4. Gaming Height: The Dresden's Gaming Area is 29 3/8" from the floor. The Gaming Height is the distance from the floor to the top surface of the Gaming Area.

5. Dining Height: The Dresden's dining surface is 30 3/8" from the floor.. The Dining Height is the distance from the floor to the top surface of the dining surface.

6. Leg Gap: The Dresden's leg gap is 25". The leg gap is the distance from the floor to the bottom edge of the table. It's the space your chair and legs fit under.


Player Stations

The Dresden is sized for 6 players and 6 player stations are included. Each player station includes a card slot, 2 counter/chit holders, and a cup holder. Each player also has access to a dice rolling bin. Player stations at the ends include their own while player stations on the sides share one.

Dice bins are framed in solid walnut to add a little contrast, and lined with the velveteen you selected for your inset. Our player stations are optimized to position you with easy access to the game vault while providing ample space for your game components. There's even enough room at the corners for a bowl or plate of food. 

Game Vault

The Game Vault is the recessed gaming surface in the middle of the table. Our vault is 3 1/4" deep, 36" wide, and 54" long. 

Vault Lift

Though the fabric inset is optional every Dresden table includes installation of 10 threaded brass sleeves around the inside vertical face of the vault perimeter. 10 brass pins are also included. Once the pins are installed, you can drop the fabric inset onto them and raise your inset to be level with the Player Stations. It's a small feature that’s a nice configuration for card games and puzzle building. 


Fabric Inset

The inset is double sided with stretch velveteen on one side, and speed cloth on the other side. The edges of the inset are finished with hardwood trim matching your table and leather straps are added for convenience. Options readily available are based on popularity, though depending on availability other options may be possible. Please visit our suppliers' websites for available options. You can even order some samples if you're so inclined. [Stretch Velveteen] [Un-suited Speed Cloth]