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A Bandpass is a filter engineered to remove noise from a signal. Get rid of anything too high or too low and let those good vibes flow through. It's a nice concept and a good summary of our philosophy. So, that's what's in the name.

We like making furniture and we like to work with quality materials. Furniture should be special. It should evoke strong feelings when viewed and experienced. It should also reflect your personality in isolation and within the environment you've made for it.

What furniture often fails to do is add to the modern meta. Desks, tables, cabinets, and the like have been around for ages. We don't use ink and quill anymore and any desk should be designed to recognize that. So what does a desk need? How can we innovate? What will make it through the filter? We can't wait to find out.  

We look to your passions for our inspiration and we embrace the niche. There's something out there to counter the grind of life for everyone and our mission is to find out what it is and develop furniture to enhance your experience. 


About Us

We're a small group of crafts-folk and geeks with a passion for modern furniture design and woodworking.

In June 2017 we lost our jobs when Geek Chic abruptly ceased operations. We can't say we miss the brand or even the product but we do miss making furniture and we miss the family of coworkers we built at Geek Chic. Bandpass was started when, eventually, we came to see the closure of Geek Chic as the opportunity to design and build what we always wanted to but couldn't. 

Our history with Geek Chic is baggage but a burden carried willingly. We are extremely proud of what we achieved there. We got really good at making furniture and we're going to keep doing it. 


Christopher Potter - Production Lead

Discord (Roknoth#3172)

Potter is capable of damn near anything. Every shop needs a Potter. Years of experience in facilities maintenance and as a shop foreman combine with an innate talent for all things mechanical. 

Potter is our production lead. He's responsible for building each piece to perfection and keeping the tools running.


Garrett Tomblingson - Design Lead

Discord (chiefchic#0041)

Garrett is a delicate little flower and a graduate of Seattle Central College's program in Fine Furniture and Cabinet Making. He's in his 11th year of furniture making and production operations experience. 

Garrett is our design lead. He's responsible for designing each product and fabricating our prototypes. 


Victor Van Scoit - Marketing Lead

Discord (victorsentme#6374)

Victor has a talent for turning friends and strangers on to persons, places, things, or ideas. He's a travelling geek, always on the look out for new experiences and new people to share them with. 

Victor is our marketing lead. He's responsible for making connections with the outside world and developing our marketing strategy. 


Greg Wagner - Operations Lead

Discord (Mardock2021#9989)

Greg grew up in a family that owned and operated a hardwood furniture company. He also has years of experience in logistics, banking, and business administration. 

Greg is our operations lead. He's responsible for keeping things in order, getting our product to your home, and keeping the rest of us under control. 


Contacting us is easy, as it should be. There are several channels including Twitter and Discord. You can also send us an email or use the form below. We'll respond to every inquiry so if you haven't heard from us there's a chance your spam filter is working against us.


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