Frequently Asked Questions

The Company

What is Bandpass Design's mission for success?

Our mission is to design and manufacture a diverse range of furniture for geek culture, especially as what defines geek culture expands into how one loves music, video games, cocktails, books, maker spaces, design, and anything else unique.

Why is Bandpass Design's mission any different than other geek influenced companies?

Any company should have a mission–a plan for both what a company wants to achieve and how the company aims to achieve it. The emergence of geek culture and its continued growth into the mainstream, as it evolves into pop culture, has resulted in the creation of many companies hoping to satisfy that market. Our mission is a modest one compared to those that have come before us seeking to take over the world.

How do I know that Bandpass Design is going to stick around?

Building out of our home workshops removes the worry of bouncing a rent check and working normal jobs covers our basic needs. If we only get two sales per month–that's fine. The woodworkers responsible for building the furniture can meet expectations working nights and weekends while logistics delivers our furniture on time.

What kind of risks exist working with Bandpass Design?

Our biggest risks are a commitment to quality and authenticity. We aren't going to outsource to cheap labor markets and we aren't going to use crummy materials. Requiring the full balance of the furniture sale up front and limiting sales so there's little customer debt to take on ensures we can meet demand without letting anything balloon out of control.

We're always going to be pretty honest about who we are, what we hope to do, and how we hope to do it. We’ve learned from our prior work experience and from watching Kickstarters whose success is crippled by fulfillment issues. It’s all about mitigating risk in our business, design, and customer decisions so we can provide a furniture piece worthy of prime placement in your lives.

The Furniture

Are there any additional configurations besides The Dresden?

The Dresden is best characterized as Bandpass Design's table concept. The design of the Dresden allows us to offer a range of style packages suited for a number of interior design themes. Tour the 3D models and pictures at our Style Packages page.

What kind of changes and customizations can I make to the designs?

Customization is certainly possible, but limited to ensure the level of quality, competitive pricing, and delivery timeframes. The significance of the changes–height, new style request, dimension changes–might affect the product price. Hit us up via email or converse with us on our Discord channel.

Can I change the number of player stations or adjust the game vault dimensions?

Bandpass Design is too small to handle the infinite, anything-goes customization. Changes to the game vault or player stations would require more consideration and resources we don't have. We do want to know the different size constraints people are interested in so we can identify if there's a substantial need. Let us know via email or converse with us on our Discord channel. as that affects the player areas and vault play space.

Are you certain those legs are sturdy enough to handle both daily life and game nights?

The Dresden is a table with a mid century modern design aesthetic that’s a departure from what’s expected in the gaming table world. And we should know since the prior company we worked for established the expectation.

Thickness of the legs is not the determining factor for how sturdy our table is.Table legs only have to be thick enough to resist flexing along their length. The rest of the sturdiness comes from our joinery method used to attach the legs in order to resist racking.

It’s not a question of sturdiness but one of taste. If you’re wanting a different leg, perhaps even thicker, it’s easy enough to accommodate. Please make inquiries via email or converse with us on our Discord channel. (Not to put too fine a point on it, but Garrett has already Teen Wolf’ed the table and it’s solid.)

The Future

When is the next table concept going to be released?

It may be a surprise, but we aren't establishing a gaming table company. We're establishing a furniture company built around designs that span several geek interests. We're certain there will be new game table ideas in the future, but after The Dresden we're moving on to design desks for PC battle stations and then on to a modular entertainment center for all those consoles. Some speakers and a console for vinyl enthusiasts would also be sweet.