Style Packages

We designed The Dresden to offer a bold modern style unique to the gaming table community. We're a little partial to our original but we know Mid Century Modern isn't everyone's jam. 

Below you'll find our series of style packages. We offer a broad range of options that anyone might find a package that's right for their home. When you purchasing The Dresden, you’re given the opportunity to select which style package suits you best.

These style packages don't change the gaming area of the table and have little impact on the overall dimensions of the table.


Mid Century Modern Nº1

Though typically somewhat minimalist the Mid Century Modern style movement was all about indulging in the power granted by post war mass marketing. 

Our Standard Style Package includes sharply tapered legs. The dining tops are curved on the ends and a °15 degree bevel is cut onto the underside perimeter of the dining surface.



Craftsman Nº1

The Craftsman style is an american furniture and architecture movement that gained popularity for it's rejection of both the more elaborately designed furniture of the Victorian era and the mass produced furniture of the industrial revolution. The Craftsman style typically tries to reflect it's handmade construction through subtle forms and small embellishments. 

Our Craftsman Style Package includes a heavier leg with a 2-sided flare. The dining tops are curved at the ends and a subtle 15° bevel is applied to the underside of the entire dining top perimeter. 



Shaker Nº1

The shaker style focuses on authenticity and utility.

Our Shaker Style Package Nº1 includes tapered legs turned just below the apron. The dining top ends are straight and an aggressive bevel is cut at both ends. 



Shaker Nº2

Our Shaker Nº2 package includes Hepplewhite legs tapered on the two inside faces and the same dining tops as the Shaker Nº1 package

See it in the 3D Model Viewer here.


Danish Modern Nº1

The Danish Modern style emerged in, well, Denmark during the Modernism movement. It's minimalist in nature but indulges in forms made possible by mass production.

Our Danish Modern Nº1 package includes turned tapered legs that first increase in thickness before tapering at the ends. The dining tops are rectilinear but a 2" radius is cut on the outside corners of the dining ends. A heavy round over is applied to the perimeter of the dining surface and the bottom edge of the external aprons. 



Danish Modern Nº2

Our Danish Modern Nº2 package includes the same dining top and aprons as our Danish Modern Nº1 package. For folks who aren't fans of turned legs we've simply applied the same heavy round over a standard Hepplewhite leg.  



Basic Nº1

Sometimes it just needs to be a table, not a statement.

Basic Nº1 has square legs (2.25" x 2.25") and a rectilinear dining surface. The outside corners of the dining surface are rounded to help prevent  injury and a light chamfer is applied to all edges. 



Basic Nº2

Basic N°2 has thicker square legs (2.75" x 2.75") and the same dining surface as Basic °1.