Guess Who's Back?

Getting the Band Back Together

It's with great joy that we announce the return of Garrett to Bandpass! Garrett is the designer of The Dresden and has been helping us out consistently along the way. He will bring a ton of value to us and you by creating fresh product concepts and helping us out in the shop. We missed having him around and it's been great to have him back!


Shipping Changes

Shipping is now included in the cost of our products.

The price of our products is not changing, but will now include the shipping cost. We will not be charging for shipping at checkout.

This change will help us lay the groundwork for seamless integration of new products on the website with less labor and give us more time to make tables in the shop. It will also better prepare future owners for the cost of The Dresden from the beginning of the process.

The Dresden on YouTube

We partnered with some of our favorite board game content creators on YouTube to put the spotlight on The Dresden. They each have owned the table for a few months now and have given their thoughts on the pros and cons of the table:

RTFM: Shea is a great down to earth content creator who does an excellent job running through the rules of games in a succinct and understandable way. You can check out his review video here.

Before You Play: Monique and Naveen are a charming couple who focus their content on board games from a 2-player perspective. See their thoughts on The Dresden here.

BoardGameCo: Alex is in the know on all upcoming games and has a vast collection of games. He has used the table already for a ton of playthroughs. This video includes his initial thoughts on the table (starting at 0:00:28).

We have one more table going out to our friend Scott at Miniac. We sent him a Battleground which he'll be using for his popular series Kill Your Friends. Subscribe to his channel to check out our Wargaming sized Dresden in action.

What's Next?

Garrett has already been working on new designs, including a bench we think you'll dig. We're currently getting fabric samples from Knoll and we think the final result is going to be slick.

We have aspirations to release a lot of new products, but the fact is we've been so busy fulfilling orders that we'll be focusing on that for now. Have a great start to the year!